Gender Male
Hair N/A
Age Around 3 weeks
Occupation None
Relations Cristina- Mother


Cristina's former boyfriend- possible father (Deceased)

Fábio- possible father (Deceased)

First Appearence "Killer Within"
Last Appearence N/A
Status Alive
Series lifespan "Killer Within" to present
"You like that, sweetheart?"
—Cassandra asking him if he likes his name.

Ben, is the newborn son of Cristina. Due to the situation at her conception, Ben's biological father is unknown, and it could be either Cristina's former boyfriend, or Diana's boyfriend, Fábio. Ben's birth resulted in Cristina's death.


Judith Grimes is the first child born to Cristina and the first infant depicted as having been born after the zombie apocalypse. As the only person so far to have no memories of a world without the horrors of the zombie apocalypse.

It was a point of contention as to who is the baby's biological father. Cristina had a very brief sexual liaison with Fábio, Diana's boyfriend, during their time at the farm. With Fábio and Cristina both dead, their secret was never revealed.

Season 3Edit

"Killer Within"Edit

Ben was successfully delivered via an emergency cesarean section by Maggie, though resulting in Cristina's death due to blood loss and shock. Ben, when he first came out of Cristina, was silent. He was quickly awakened by a few quick, light slaps on the back from Maggie. Ben, Bruno, Caramelo, and Maggie exited the prison and Cassandra noticed Maggie holding her without Cristina present. She started to cry over the loss of her friend. 

"Say the Word"Edit

It is revealed that the baby is a boy. Gonçalo and Maggie offer to retrieve formula so the baby will survive. They depart the prison and travel to a daycare center, where they discover formula, as well as more needed baby supplies. When they come back, Inês feeds the baby and asks Cassandra if she has decided on a name yet. Cassandra goes through girls' names from former survivors in the group.


Ben is seen in the background various times, with either Diana, Inês or Beth.

"When the Dead Come Knocking"Edit

Cassandra asks Daniel if she can call the baby of "Ben" and Daniel tells her that she can do whatever she wants.

"Made to Suffer"Edit

Ben briefly appears in this episode, being cradled by Beth as Inês, Diana, and Sophia look on. Alexis uses Beth's good handling of Ben as an excuse to hit on her, but Beth shuts him down.

"The Suicide King"Edit

Ben appears in the episode being cared for by Beth. While Beth talks with Diana and Inês, Judith begins to cry. Inês holds Judith before placing her in a box (a makeshift crib).


Ben appears as being fed by Maggie while Beth talks to her.

"I Ain't A Judas"Edit

Ben is held by Sophia and Johanne as both of them talk about what happened to the group and their future plans.


Ben is mentioned in this episode.

"This Sorrowful Life"Edit

Inês is seen putting Ben in his playpen during her conversation with Diana. 

"Welcome to the Tombs"Edit

Beth is seen holding Ben as the group prepares to defend the prison from the outside. During the attack, Ben is held by Beth, who is with Hershel, Bruno, Ruth, Leandra, Cassandra, and Caramelo hiding outside the prison in the woods.

Season 4Edit

Ben will appear in this season.



"There's no need for the baby to die too!"
—Cristina about Judith.[src]

When Cristina first found out about her pregnancy, she began crying as she knew the hardships her baby would cause for the group. Cristina was going to abort her baby by taking tablets, and did so, but later threw them up as she was unsure what to do. She either didn't know that the pills would not actually terminate her pregnancy or she did know and she tried it as an act of desperation.

After going into labor in the prison, Cristina knew that her and the baby wouldn't both survive and that one of them was going to die. Without any consideration, she chose herself and demanded Maggie perform a C-section on her. As Maggie began cutting Cristina open, Cristina cried out in pain and then is thought to have passed away due to blood loss.


—Leandra to Ben when holding him for the first time.

Leandra seems to care for Ben since he's the child of one of her best friends. She's with Cassndra when she asks Daniel if the baby could be called Ben and seems happy when they give him his new name.


"Ben. Cristina wanted to call him Ben."
—Cassandra telling Daniel about Cristina's wish to call the baby of Ben.

Cassandra appears to care alot for Ben, since he's the baby of one of her best friends. Cassandra asks Daniel if they can call the baby of Ben, Cristina's name of choice.


"He's so cute."
—Diana to Inês about Ben.

Diana is apparently fond of him. She's usually seen taking care of Ben with Beth and Inês.

Hershel GreeneEdit

"Oh the baby, he's healthy - eats like a horse, sleeps like a rock."
—Hershel assuring the group of Ben's state.

Due to his medical training, Hershel is the primary caretaker of Ben. He spends a significant amount of time with the baby and ensures that his needs are met. Hershel cares very deeply for Ben. Since the day Ben was born, Hershel has acted as his surrogate father.


It appears Sophia cares about Ben, as she's seen sometimes holding her and playing with her with Ruth.

Beth GreeneEdit

"I always wanted a child."
—Beth to Inês about caring for Ben.

Beth is very attached to Ben; she is always seen holding and nurturing him along with Inês and sometimes Diana. She gets along very well with Ben. After being informed that The Governor is planning to attack the Prison, Beth becomes concerned about Ben's safety and feels that the group should flee before they attack.


"Poor thing, he'll grow without parents. Then again, that girl wasn't made to have a son."
—Inês to Diana.

Inês takes a fondness to Ben and is often seen cradling him in her arms and caring for her. Inês believed that Cristina wouldn't be a good mother but is still sad that the baby is going to grow without parents.


TV SeriesEdit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit


  • Ben was really born an orphan.
  • It was revealed in The Talking Dead that Cristina always saw her pregnancy with Ben as a death sentence.
  • Ben is the youngest character in the TV Series to have caused the death of another character, in this case Cristina was killed during childbirth, albeit indirectly.
  • The names John (both Paquete and Marcelino), Tiago, Miguel, Fábio, and Jimmy were suggested by Cassandra as possible names for him. All of the these characters were deceased at that time with the exception of Marcelino, who was separated from the group.
  • Ben was the first character to be unnamed since his introduction. He lasted being unnamed for three episodes until Cassandra and Daniel finally discussed his official name.
  • Ben is the only character in the TV Series who isn't credited with an actor, but is still displayed on-screen.
  • It has been revealed recently, in an Q&A with Emily Kinney that the babies have to be switched due to their rapid growth meaning that Ben is portrayed by multiple actors.
  • Ben is the first baby character to be portrayed in the series, and the first one depicted as being born after the apocalypse, the second possibly being the Unnamed Mexican Baby.
  • Ben's personality is based on Judith.
  • Ben has some diferences from his real Tv Series' counterpart.
    • Although Judith is a girl, Ben is a boy.