Cristiana in the farm
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age 17
Occupation Student
Relations Unknown
First Appearence "Days Gone Bye"
Last Appearence N/A
Status Alive
Series lifespan "Days Gone Bye" to present
"He'll kill us no matter what."
—Cristiana to Daniel about handing Marcelino to The Governor.

Cristiana is Daniel and Mariana's best friend. After being abandoned by the military with the remaining students, she ran away into the woods with Daniel's brother, Bruno, her best friend, Mariana, and other survivors, eventually forming a camp near Atlanta.


Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Cristiana is a 17 years old Caucasian female with long curly brown hair and a slim figure. Cristiana is a strong, Intelligent, independent, brave, and kind girl.

Throughout the seasons, Cristiana kept on getting stronger and became a valuable member of the group.

In season 1, Cristiana was very protective of her best friends, Mariana and Daniel, and Daniel's brother, Bruno. She seemed to have a very good friendship with Mariana in particular, always being seen together. In season 2, Cristiana starts to find her strength. Daniel teaches her to shoot, revealing herself to be quite efficient with firearms. In season 3, her character's personality doesn't evolve much, she keeps being very protective over her friends and became a really valuable member of the group.


In the day of the outbreak, Cristiana and Daniel are talking about Daniel's interest in both Mariana and Carla. The bell rings and Cristiana is forced to leave Daniel to go to her class with Mariana, Diana and Inês.

Moments later, when the school is overrun by walkers, the military arrives and evacuates Cristiana's class, taking them to a truck. The military's plan was to take them to a refugee center, but they were unable to get there thanks to a zombie herd who got in their way. The military did their best, but it wasn't enough, they soon got overrun, while some soldiers ran away in fear, abandoning the remaining students. Cristiana managed to escape the zombie herd, joining Mariana. She then saves Daniel's brother, Bruno, and they flee into the woods with some of the remaining students from Cristiana's class.


Season 1Edit

"Days Gone Bye"Edit

Cristiana is seen in the beginning of the episode speaking with Daniel. They talk about the feelings Daniel used to have for Mariana. When Dniel says that he thinks Mriana is different, Cristiana agrees, saying that Mariana hasn't been with as often as she used to. Cristiana then asks Daniel about Carla and Daniel reveals that he does feel attracted by Carla.

She's briefly seen later in a camp near Atlanta, with Bruno, Mariana, and other surviving students.


Cristiana is referred by Daniel when he asks Gonçalo and the others if he's friends and his brother are in the camp with them.

Cristiana is briefly seen with Mariana while Illyana argues with Paquete about Zita.

"Tell It to the Frogs"Edit

A day afterwards, Cristiana, Mariana and Bruno are reunited with Daniel, who they had previously believed to be dead.  Cristiana is later seen with Daniel, Bruno and Mariana around a campfire, while Daniel explains what he did in the day of the outbreak. Cristiana tells Daniel that he should have stayed with his classmates, making Daniel ask if they know anything about his classmates. After Johanne explains what happened Daniel asks Cristiana if she really wanted him to stay with his classmates to wich she answers "I guess not".

The next morning, Cristiana irons Daniel's clothes and Daniel thanks her for her kindness. Later, Daniel tells Cristiana and Mariana that he wants to go back for Marcelino, wich leaves them shocked and beg him not to go, but Daniel goes anyway.


Cristiana is first seen with Mariana and Bruno, looking at Miguel and Illyana in excitment, when they bring the fish they caught. She's later seen when the group confronts Tiago. Cristiana is then seen with all the others, during the fish cookout, listening to Zita's story. While the walkers attack the camp, Cristiana and Mariana take Bruno and Ana to the group's RV. Cristiana saves Ana, who is almost caught by a walker, but Cristiana pushes it before it can bite Ana, being then killed by Fábio, using a hammer. After every walker is dead, Cristiana and Mariana look upon the camp, with dead people everywhere, Mariana and Cristiana hug.


Cristiana is first seen with Daniel and Mariana, discussing what to do with Illyana. Later, Daniel asks Cristiana and Mariana if they blame him for what happenned. Mariana tells him that if he had stayed the results would have been the same and Cristiana adds that if he hadn't came back to Atlanta, Paquete, Gonçalo and Kiko wouldn't know how to shoot yet, making things even worse. Cristiana also adds that she thinks that going to the CDC is a good plan. Cristiana is present when Johanne goes to Daniel to tell him that his plan to go to the CDC is a good plan and that they will follow him.

When the group arrives to the CDC, they find the complex is completely closed off by shutters; when they receive no answer, they all agree to they must leave the area before it gets dark. However, Daniel is insistent that someone is still alive in the complex while Gonçalo demands to be let inside. Cristiana and the others become increasingly panicked when more and more Walkers begin to appear. Just as they begin to flee from the complex, the shutter doors open.


Cristiana and the other survivors enjoy a short reprieve from mortal danger when Dr. Jenner takes them inside the CDC under the condition that they submit to blood tests. The group celebrates with a meal. When questioned about the lack of other people, Jenner explains that he is the only person still alive in the complex because most fled to be with their families and others began to commit suicide after a certain period of time. Daniel finds Cristiana with Mariana and Ruth, reading books in the rec room. Cristiana admits she hates reading and Daniel says the same. Daniel then asks for Bruno and Cristiana says he's in the bedroom. Later, Cristiana and Mariana are in their room when the building's  air cuts off. After Jenner opens the door, Crisistiana and the others run to the exit, "We've got four minutes left - come on!" Cristiana shouts, holding on to Bruno.

In the CDC lobby, the group finds the doors locked and they pound helplessly on the windows. Cristiana then gets Daniel's hand grenade that he found in the police station from her bag. The grenade is able to shatter the glass and the group flees from the building, towards the vehicles.

Season 2Edit

"What Lies Ahead"Edit

During their excursion to Fort Benning, the group is forced to hide from a herd of walkers. Cristiana is caught off-guard when a herd approaches, and is forced to seek refuge in the RV bathroom as a walker shuffles into the RV. The walker eventually finds Cristiana in the bathroom, following Cristiana's cry. Daniel's quick thinking gives Cristiana the means to defend herself, and she plunges a screwdriver through her assailant's head as it lunges at her.

Later, when Daniel gets back from the woods, Cristiana reveals her wish to get out of the highway, due to the group of walkers that passed by them, to whom she invents the term "Herd".

Some time later, when the group is searching for Ana, Cristiana and Mariana say that they have to stop blaming Daniel and Gonçalo for what had happened to Ana, because no one else ran after her like they did. And Cristiana also tells them that any of them are free to leave any time they want.


On their way back, the group hears a gunshot and is suspicious about it as Daniel or Paquete wouldn't risk wasting or alerting walkers to kill a single walker. She reassures Bruno, who is worried about his brother, that Daniel will be fine.

When Cassandra is facing a walker and Maggie comes in by horse for Johanne and Paquete, Cristiana quickly asks for Daniel, and Maggie assures her that he is fine. After getting back to the highway, Cristiana suggests they can rig a sign for Ana in the morning before they all move to the farm.

"Save the Last One"Edit

Cristiana is not seen much in this episode; however, she is seen in the RV when Leandra goes to the RV's rooftop  to talk to Caramelo.

"Cherokee Rose"Edit

Cristiana and Mariana reunite with her friends, Inês and Diana. She's then seen in Otis' funeral. Cristiana is later seen with other survivors, attempting to retrieve the 'swimmer' from the bottom of one of the five wells on Hershel Greene's property. As Gonçalo is lowered into the well to lasso the water-logged walker, the pump breaks. As Cristiana and the other survivors struggle to re-stabilize the rope, Gonçalo dangles precariously within the walker's grasp. Once this near-tragedy is averted, Cristiana, along with the other survivors, attempt to hoist the walker out of the well before killing it to avoid contaminating the well. However, the walker's body is too badly deteriorated and strained by the weight of the extra water it has absorbed to withstand the stress of being pulled from the well. Its body is ripped in half as it crosses the threshold, and the bottom half falls back into the well. Cristiana and the other survivors are disgusted, moreover frustrated that the well is now contaminated despite their best efforts. After Cassandra kicks the walker multiple times, Cristiana finishes the walker, stabing him in the head with a pickaxe.


Though Cristiana plays a minor role in this episode, she is seen with other survivors, running to the fields when a gunshot rings.


Cristiana is one of the survivors chosen by Daniel to learn to handle a gun. Revealing to be a great shooter. She's later seen with Daniel when he sends Caramelo on a supply run with Maggie.

Cristiana is later seen when the group gathers to hear Cristina's secret and Kiko tells the group about the walkers in the barn.

"Pretty Much Dead Already"Edit

Cristiana is present when Daniel asks Inês and Diana about the walkers and if they knew about it. She appears again later, talking with Bruno. Bruno tells her that he doesn't want to leave the farm even after they find Ana and Cristiana ressures him that they won't have to leave.

Later, Cristiana is seen talking with Mariana about their chances to stay in the farm and about Paquete. Cristiana reveals that she believes that Paquete killed Otis so he could get away.

Much later, when Paquete starts giving out the guns to the group, Cristiana and Mariana don't accept to be part of it, but they're later forced to it, when Paquete opens the doors of the barn. They quickly line up with Paquete and the others and start shooting the walkers. When zombified Ana finally steps out of the barn, Cristiana, as well as the others, freeze, and watch as Daniel steps forward and shoots Ana in the head.


Emotions run high in the aftermath of the barn walker massacre. Beth Greene goes over to her mother Annette Greene to mourn, but Annette is not dead and attacks Beth. Cristiana drove a scythe through the zombified Annette's head to end the struggle.

A bit later, Daniel addmits to Cristiana, Mariana, Diana and Inês his frustration that he had everyone searching for Ana when she had died long ago.

Cristiana's later seen attending Ana's funeral and when Beth grows ill.


Cristiana doesn't appear much in this episode, she's only seen in the end of the episode with Mariana, telling Daniel about their suspicions about Paquete.

"18 Miles Out"Edit

Cristiana is seen multiple times in the kitchen with Mariana, Diana, Inês and Daniel. She's seen later while Maggie is scolding Beth and during the conversation between Cassandra and Daniel. She's then seen when Beth locks herself in the bathroom and tries to commit suicide. Her last appearence in this episode was when Maggie tells Cassandra never to set foot near her or the house again.

"Judge, Jury, Executioner"Edit

Cristiana is first seen after the scene where Gonçalo interrogates Randall. Later, Daniel asks Bruno, Cristiana, Inês, Diana and Mariana if they agree with his decision, and Cristiana stays on his side, along with Bruno and Inês.

She's later seen when Carina dies, among the other survivors.

"Better Angels"Edit

Cristiana is seen attending Carina's funeral.

When Fábio and Alexis find the barn empty, Daniel prepares a group to go after Randall, instructing Cristiana and Mariana to order everyone to stay inside the house.

"Beside the Dying Fire"Edit

As the inhabitants of the farm notice the herd approaching, Beth notices Bruno is missing and no one is more concerned then Cristiana and Beth. She eventually leaves the farm with the others in some motorcycles.

When the group camps in the highway, Daniel reveals to Cristiana, Mariana, Bruno, and Inês that he killed Paquete. Cristiana tells him that she understands his actions. A bit later, when Daniel informs the group about what happened with Paquete and says he agrees with Paquete being a better, Cristiana disagrees and tells him that Daniel did all he could to keep the group alive and that he did much more than Paquete.

Season 3Edit


Cristiana is first shown scavenging an abandon house for supplies after the house has been cleared from walkers. The group, however, is forced to flee when more walkers show up to their location. Later she is guarding the group with Beth and a few others while they figure out what to do next. Cristiana and the others went into the prison's fence and Daniel assigned Cristiana to shoot the walkers from one of the towers together with Hershel and Bruno.

The next day, Daniel, Gonçalo, Cristiana, Kiko and Maggie lock themselves within the prison courtyard and kill the remaining walkers, where they secure Cell Block C (The safest).

Cristiana decides to share a cell with Mariana, and have a deep conversation, with Mariana telling Cristiana that she's happy that Cristiana is alive due to them having a strong friendship.

Later, Cristiana stays behind with  the others while a small group goes and searches for the cafeteria.


Cristiana plays a minor role in this episode. Cristiana is present when the group brings a wounded Hershel into the cell block, being seen in the background. She's seen later with Diana, while Inês, Bath and Maggie assist Hershel and Mariana and Ruth bring some medical equipment from the prison's infirmary. While Sophia expresses her concern over Ruth's safety, Cristiana is seen in the background, embracing Mariana.

A bit later, Inês and Diana go to Cristiana, needing her assistance in killing a female walker to use as practice for a C-Section as they may be the one to deliver Cristina's baby due to Hershel's condition and wanting to be ready.

"Walk With Me"Edit

Cristiana does not appear in this episode.

"Killer Within"Edit

Cristiana is first seen, hanging out with Mariana, Sophia and Ruth. When the prison is overrun, Cristiana is one of the characters who runs to the cell block and locks herself with the others inside the cells. She's only seen again in the end of the episode, comming out of cell block C with Mariana, Ruth and Sophia, reuniting with the rest of the group. When Diana is presumed dead, Cristiana starts to cry, and tries to comfort a distraught Inês with the help of Mariana who was crying as well.

"Say the Word"Edit

While Daniel kills walkers threw the fence, Cristiana and Mariana are seen looking at him, worried. Moments later, Cristiana is present when Hershel explains the baby's situation to the group. She's seen much later, by Diana's grave with Daniel, Mariana and Inês.


Cristiana doesn't appear much in this episode. She's seen in the final part, when Alexis arrives to the prison.

"When the Dead Come Knocking"Edit

When Sophia and Ruth open the gates to let Alexis in, Cristiana, Mariana and Inês shoot some walkers to prevent them from entering the prison. They escort Alexis to the cell block. In the cell block, Daniel calls the group. After Inês reunites with Diana, Cristiana and Mariana are the next ones to embrace her, with tears in their eyes. She's seen with Diana, Inês and Mariana while Alexis reveals that Maggie and Caramelo were taken by Marcelino to Woodbury. Later, when Daniel forms a small group to rescue Caramelo and Maggie, Cristiana asks to go with them, but Daniel asks her to stay, to protect the prison.

"Made to Suffer"Edit

Cristiana is seen briefly, when Beth leaves Alexis alone in the cell, to join Inês and Diana.

"The Suicide King"Edit

Cristiana is first seen in this episode when Daniel and the others return to the prison with Marcelino. Later, Daniel explains what happened in Woodbury to Inês, Diana, Mariana and Cristiana. When Daniel reveals that Catherine was living in Woodbury, Cristiana asks Daniel if he thinks all of Catherine's classmates are living in Woodbury.


Cristiana is shown talking with the group in the beginning. She agrees with Daniel, knowing that Woodbury will retaliate. Cristiana is seen later with Mariana and Daniel, reinforcing the prison's exterior and getting rid of some corpses around it. Suddenly a gunshot is heard. Cristiana, Daniel and Mariana run for cover as The Governor and his men attack. After The Governor stops the attack, Cristiana and her friends struggle to survive, being surrounded by walkers and out of ammo, but they are saved by Gonçalo and Marcelino.

Momentarily safe, Daniel, Mariana and Cristiana stare darkly into The Prison's yard, now swarming with walkers.

"I Ain't a Judas"Edit

Cristiana is seen along with the rest of the group when they discuss the Woodbury situation. Daniel gives the task of keeping watch to Cristiana who would swap with Fábio when she needed a break.

When Johanne arrives at the prison Cristiana is seen along with the others running out to protect the prison and is seen again when Daniel chats with Johanne about what The Governor did to the prison then Cristiana is not present until near the end of the episode when Johanne leaves the group, as she is possibly taking watch.She's then seen while Beth and Cassandra sing "Hold On". Daniel also tells Gonçalo and Hershel that he'll take Cristiana and Bruno on a run for supplies the next day.


Cristiana is on a run along with Daniel, Gonçalo and Bruno, in the hopes of finding more weapons. When they get to a small town, Cristiana decides to get a crib to Ben from a nearby baby store, while Daniel and Bruno go to the bars, being accompanied by Gonçalo.

Cristiana enters the store with Gonçalo and instructs him to fill the bags with the formula available in the store, while she chooses a crib for Ben, from among the various cribs available in the store.Complications make Daniel and Bruno use their guns, attracting nearby walkers. Cristiana and Gonçalo hear their shots and quickly get their bags in the chosen crib and run to the car, while walkers start comming in their direction, forcing Cristiana and Gonçalo to shoot some of them to get away. Reunited, the group manages to hide from the herd inside a house. They notice, that there used to be a group of survivors living in there. Cristiana helps the boys taking as many guns as they can to the cars and drive off. In their way to the car, Cristiana is grabbed by a walker but she's able to free herself and kills it.

"Arrow on the Doorpost"Edit

Cristiana stayed at the prison as she is waiting for Daniel, Sophia, and Hershel to come back from their negotiation with The Governor. She's with Mariana and Gonçalo when they order everyone to fortify their position. When Marcelino threatens Bruno, Cristiana stands up for Bruno, along with Mariana, Beth and Maggie. Later, when Marcelino and Gonçalo start a fight, Cristiana tries to intervene. She is later seen listening to Daniel's briefing about the meeting between him and The Governor.


Cristiana does not appear in this episode.

"This Sorrowful Life"Edit

Cristiana is first seen being informed by Daniel about the plan to hand over Marcelino. Cristiana says that even if they give Marcelino to The Governor, he will still attack them, convincing Daniel to refuse The Governor's offer. She is seen at the end of the episode listening to Daniel's speech.

"Welcome to the Tombs"Edit

Cristiana was seen at the beginning of the episode, helping Beth, Ruth and Mariana loading clothes and other belongings into a car for the prison survivors to leave. When the Woodbury Army arrives at the Prison, they enter "The Tombs". While in there, Cristiana, Mariana and Daniel throw out smoke bombs to lure them out. When everyone regroups at the gate, Daniel, Sophia, Cristiana, Mariana, and Gonçalo decide to head out and attack Woodbury. On the road they find almost every soldier dead, with the exception of Kat. They go to Woodbury, where Renato and Leonardo are on the gate. After a brief firefight, Leonardo lets them in. Daniel, Sophia, Cristiana, Mariana, and Gonçalo learn that Johanne is most likely being held captive in The Governor's torture room. In there, they find a dying Johanne, who suffered a bite wound from Milton Mamet. Cristiana leaves the room when she wishes to end her life. 

Back at the Prison, the group lead the women, children, and elders from Woodbury to stay. Cristiana is seen among them.

Season 4Edit

Cristiana will appear in this season.

Killed VictimsEdit

This list shows the victims Cristiana has killed:

Numerous counts of zombies.



"I believe in Daniel, he's very different from the person he used to be before all this and became a great leader."
—Cristiana to Mariana.

Daniel is one of Cristiana's best friends, along with Mariana. They are usually seen talking with each other and they care deeply for one another.

Cristiana seems to allways support Daniel's decisions.

When Daniel teaches Cristiana to use a gun, he compliments her, telling Cristiana that she's one of the best shooters. Since then, everytime Daniel needs some help, Cristiana volunteers to assist him, even though he usually wants her to stay with the rest of the group to keep her safe.


"I'm glad you're ok, because we've became a family, you me, Daniel, Inês, Diana and Bruno."
—Mariana to Cristiana after getting a cell for themselves.

Mariana and Cristiana were best friends for a really long time. Before the apocalypse, Mariana seemed to be getting distant from Cristiana and Daniel. In any case, Cristiana and Mariana seemed to have strangthened their bond after the apocalypse, becoming best friends once again. They're seen together often, and care deeply for each other.


"Quick, come with us!"
—Cristiana to Bruno while fleeing a herd in the day of the outbreak.[src]

Cristiana appears to be very protective of his best friend's brother. She saved Bruno in the initial outbreak and seems to care for him ever since.


"Oh, it's so good to see you'!"
—Cristiana to Inês and Diana when they reunite in the farm.[src]

Cristiana and Inês were good friends even before the apocalypse. When the reunite in "Cherokee Rose", Cristiana is really happy for seeing them alive and well.

Cristiana and Inês seem to be allways in agreement, like in the episode "Judge, Jury, Executioner" when Daniel asks them if they agree with the decision of killing Randall. Cristiana and Inês say that they agree, while Mariana and Diana aren't sure of it. In season 3, Cristiana and Inês also work together, along with Maggie, to stop the struggle between Gonçalo and Marcelino in the episode "Arrow on the Doorpost". Inês seems to trust Cristiana's abilities and usually asks for her help when she needs it, as seen in the episode "Sick", when Inês and Diana ask for Cristiana's help to get a female walker to practice C-Section.

Their relationship was not developed much during the first three seasons, but it was revealed in an interview that their relatioship will be developed further during Season 4.


"Oh, it's so good to see you!"
—Cristiana to Diana and Inês when they reunite in the farm.[src]

Cristiana and Diana were good friends, even before the apocalypse. Cristiana, Diana and Mariana were very happy to be reunited in "Cherokee Rose".

Inês and Diana seem to trust Cristiana's abilities and ask for her help whenever they need something, as seen in the episode "Sick" when Diana and Inês ask for Cristiana's help to get a female walker, so they can practice a C-Section on it, because of Cristina's pregnancy.

Their relationship was not developed much during the first three seasons, but it was revealed in an interview that their relatioship will be developed further during Season 4.


"Why him? You know he's useless right?"
—Cristiana to Daniel after he sends Caramelo with Maggie on a supply run.[src]

Cristiana doesn't seem to like him much. In the episode "Secrets", Cristiana asks Daniel why he decided to send Caramelo on a supply run with Maggie, since he's useless, she also also tells Daniel that Cramelo had never killed a walker before.


Sophia and Cristiana don't interact much. Cristiana is not very comfortable around Sophia and Ruth, but she's seen with them multiple times, because of Mariana.


Ruth and Cristiana don't interact much. Cristiana is not very comfortable around Ruth, and she even seems to dislike her, but she's seen with her multiple times, because of Mariana's friendship with her.


Cristiana don't interact much, but when something is necessary, Gonçalo and Cristiana are two of the people who are sent to do it, like in the episode "Seed" when they have to take over the prison and later in "Clear" when they go together on a supply run with Bruno and Daniel. Cristiana goes to fetch a crib for Ben in a nearby baby store with Gonçalo.


TV SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

  • "What Lies Ahead"
  • "Bloodletting"
  • "Save the Last One"
  • "Cherokee Rose"
  • "Chupacabra"
  • "Secrets"
  • "Pretty Much Dead Already"
  • "Nebraska"
  • "Triggerfinger"
  • "Judge, Jury, Executioner"
  • "Better Angels"
  • "Beside the Dying Fire"

Season 3Edit

  • "Seed"
  • "Sick"
  • "Killer Within"
  • "Say the Word"
  • "Hounded"
  • "When the Dead Come Knocking"
  • "Made to Suffer"
  • "The Suicide King"
  • "Home"
  • "I Ain't a Judas"
  • "Arrow on the Doorpost"
  • "This Sorrowful Life"
  • "Welcome to the Tombs"

Season 4Edit

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  • Cristiana is the second best shooter from the group, the best one being Inês and the third one being Johanne.
  • Cristiana seems to fill the role of Daniel's right-hand woman.
  • In an interview with the writer, it was revealed that Cristiana's counterpart is basically a combination of Andrea from the comic books with Andrea from the TV series and a bit of Daryl.
    • It was also stated that many of the female charcters share the role of Andrea, Cristiana being one of them.
  • Cristiana's main weapon seems to be a Beretta 92SB Nickel.
    • In the original TV Series, this gun is mainly used by The Governor.