Daniel 2
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age presumably 16
Occupation Student
Family Bruno (brother)
First Appearence "Days Gone Bye"
Last Appearence N/A
Status Alive
Series lifespan "Days Gone Bye" to present
"I'm not your Governor."
—Daniel to the group.

Daniel is one of the main protagonists of The Walking Dead. He travels to Atlanta, Georgia searching for his family and friends, Bruno, Mariana, Cristiana, Inês and Diana, who have been evacuated to Atlanta by the military.


Daniel was a student in a school near Atlanta. When the apocalypse started, Daniel tries to find his friends but he's unsuccessfull and is left behind by the military. After that, he set off in search of his friends and his family, and along the  way discovered what happened to the world.


Daniel is a Caucasian teenager with a slim figure, and although his age is unsepecified, he's probably 16 or 17 years old. He has dark brown hair. His apparel and clothing changes throughout the seasons. He also has a police holster, wich carries his favorite side-arm, his Glock 17.


Daniel is generally shy and calm. He's also a good friend but can also be a remarkable enemy. Even though he usually tells his group that he doesn't want to be their leader, Daniel's happy that people trully respect him, something that never hapenned before the apocalypse. Despite his shyness, his combat skill and general care for most members of the group have led him to be looked up to, and allowed him to take the leadership role within the group.He is shown to be incredibly protective of his own group and their well-being, even though he stated that he hated more than half of the people of the group.

After the death of many people, Daniel, like the rest of the group, started to change a part of his personality. He decided that they have to take care of their group and can't be responsible for every survivor they come across. The supposed death of Diana might have been the main cause of this change, since she was one of her best friends and he thought she was dead, and blamed, not only himself, but also Andrew, who openned the gates and caused the walkers to enter the prison, indirectally causing Cristina and Fábio's death, and also caused Diana's disappearence.

Following Johanne's death, Daniel seems to have came back to his old self.


Daniel, Mariana, Diana and Inês were childhood friends and former classmates. Daniel had a crush on Mariana, few months before the apocalypse started, but was mentioned that he was later interested in Carla. After going to the Scientific-Humanistic course, he was forced to leave his friend's class, since they all chosen to study sciences and technologies. He felt that he would never be able to make new friends in his class, but it all changed after he started to know Carla. They quickly became best friends, but things between them changed after a while when Carla started avoiding him for no reason.

It's also known that, after he became friends with Carla, Daniel also became friends with Nadine, Adriana, Johanna, Renato and Dylan.


Season 1Edit

"Days Gone Bye"Edit

During the outbreak, Daniel leaves his classmates to search for his best friends. When he gets to his friends classroom, the room was already empty. He ends up being left behind, when the military evacuates the school.

After leaving the school, Daniel gets attacked by a walker and is saved by two teenagers. They explain what's hapenning and tell him that the military evacuated lots of people to Atlanta where the CDC has set up a quarantine zone. Daniel decides to leave the two strangers and head to Atlanta to search for his friends and brother.

Daniel arrives Atlanta and finds the city in an extreme state of devastation. Daniel hears a helicopter pass overhead and tries to follow it, but walks straight into a horde of walkers. Daniel is then able to hide into a police station, surrounded by zombies. He then hears a voice over the radio sarcastically calling him, "dumbass."


The voice on the radio advises him to make a run for it. Daniel grabs a bag and fills it with some guns and runs down an alley, shooting walkers as he goes. quickly, he meets up with Gonçalo, the voice on the radio and a former classmate. Daniel follows him to a ladder, wich they climb to safety, and then down a staircase to an alley, wich is free of walkers. The group rushes inside a Bradbury’s department store, where Daniel meets other survivors and former "friends": Sophia, Leandra, Carina and Zita. Outside, walkers press against the store’s front doors and the glass begins to crack

On the roof, Daniel and the group find Marcelino — another of Daniel's former classmates —firing at walkers with a pistol. Sophia and Gonçalo chastise Marcelino for attracting more walkers. Marcelino then presses a handgun to Gonçalo's forehead, but Daniel intervenes, hitting Marcelino with the butt of a rifle and handcuffing him to a pipe. “Things are different now,” Daniel tells Marcelino. "we survive this by pulling together, not apart.” Sophia tells Daniel they are with a small group of survivors staying outside the city, but Carina cannot reach them on the radio.

Gonçalo spots a cube van at a nearby construction site. The ignition keys should be nearby, Gonçalo theorizes, but they need to get past the walkers undetected. The group explains that if they hear you, see you or smell you, they eat you. Daniel latches on to the scent idea. Wearing rubber gloves and rain jackets, Daniel and Gonçalo drag a dead walker in from the alley. Daniel grabs Carina's axe and Gonçalo grabs Sophia's axe and hack apart the body. He and Gonçalo then smear the corpse’s guts on their jackets. Before leaving, Daniel tosses Carina the key to Marcelino’s handcuffs.

Outside, Daniel and Gonçalo shuffle through crowds of walkers unnoticed. They are able to get to the van before it starts to rain and speed away.

Daniel and Gonçalo plan a strategy to lure the walkers away from the store. With the walkers lured away by Gonçalo, The group heads down while Carina debates reluctantly decides to try to free Marcelino but slips due to the wet roof. With nothing else he can do and Marcelino angry due to Carina dropping the key, Carina again reluctantly puts a heavy chain lock on the doors so the walkers won't get at him. Carina runs downstairs just as the walkers break through the glass doors of the department store. The group then enters the van just as walkers make their way through. Having escaped the chaos at the store, Carina admits to the others she dropped the key, leaving Marcelino trapped on the roof.

"Tell It to the Frogs"Edit

When the van arrives at the camp, the group embraces with their families while Daniel hesitantly stays in the car for a few moments. He later emerges, seeing Bruno, Mariana and Cristiana and the four of them share a tearful reunion.

Later, around a campfire, Daniel explains the group what he did in the day of the outbreak. He also asks for his former classmates. Johanne Explains that they were evacuated in another truck and that she hasn't seen them since they were abandoned by the military. Then, Daniel asks who's the one in charge for the group. "I am!" Paquete tells him, angering Daniel.

The next morning, Daniel tells Mariana he plans to return to Atlanta for Marcelino. Mariana and Cristiana are shocked, but they are interrupted by screams. A walker was eating a deer, while Caramelo, Ruth and Johanne look unscathed. Johanne then grabs an axe and kills the walker.

Daniel, Gonçalo, Paquete and Kiko decide to return to Atlanta to rescue Marcelino. When they get to the store, the only thing they find is a hacksaw and a severed hand. Bloodied handcuffs hang from the pipe above.


They follow Marcelino’s trail of blood to a kitchen, where Sterno cans burn next to an iron steak weight crusted with skin—the result of Marcelino cauterizing his stump.

Later on, they outline a plan to get the rest of the guns in the police station. Daniel ends up being ubducted by Guillermo's group.

Daniel discovers that Guillermo has been taking care of people from a nursing home. Daniel shares his story with Guillermo and Guillermo, moved by Daniel's story decides to help them, giving him half of the weapons and teching Daniel, Kiko, Gonçalo and Paquete to shoot.

After this, Daniel, Gonçalo, Paquete, and Kiko walk back to the cube van, but find it missing. Back at the RV, a walker tears into Illyana’s neck. Daniel, Gonçalo, Kiko, and Paquete arrive and quickly shoot the remaining walkers.


Daniel, Mariana, and Cristiana discuss how to handle Zita as she continues to cradle Illyana’s body. Daniel tries to approach Zita but she pulls a knife on him. Around the same time, Miguel reveals his bite wound to the group. Johanne and Sophia think the CDC might be able to help Miguel, and suggest relocating there. Paquete however thinks the Army base in Fort Benning — 125 miles in the opposite direction—is a safer bet. Paquete heads toward Miguel with his pickaxe and tries to take a swing, but Ana Margarida, who had grabbed a gun from the bag points it at Paquete's head. Daniel steps in pointing a gun at Paquete saying that he doesn't believe that they can save them but that they can try.

The survivors stage a funeral. Privately, Daniel asks Mariana and Cristiana if they blame him for not being there when the camp was attacked, and to support his decision to head for the CDC. They don't not blame him. They tell him that if he had stayed, the results would have been the same or maybe worse.

Outside, Paquete asks Johanne to convince the group the CDC is a bad decision,but Johanne doesn't agree with Paquete, saying that going to the CDC is one of the best plans she heard in a long time and that the CDC is Miguel's only chance. Paquete asks her if she's saying that Daniel would be a better leader for the group and she tells him that they don't need a leader and that they are still living in a democracy.

Johanne goes to Daniel and tells him that they should follow his plan. Daniel tells them that he doesn't think Miguel is going to make it, but Sophia tells him that "hope's the last thing to die".

En route to the CDC, Miguel asks to be left behind. Zita, who was driving, starts crying and stops the car. They say their goodbyes and leave him to die next to a tree at his request.

Daniel’s caravan approaches the CDC, where hundreds of bodies lay dead on the ground. The group quietly approaches the building, which is locked and shuttered. As night time approaches the group begins to panic. Daniel catches sight of the security camera's movement and Gonçalo slams on the shutters, screaming for help as Paquete drags him away. The shutters open at the last minute and drown everyone in light.


Daniel and the other survivors file into the CDC lobby as Dr. Edwin Jenner meets them at the door. Jenner agrees to allow them in—provided they all submit to a blood test. They agree, and they follow Jenner to the building's basement control center. Later, the group feasts in the CDC cafeteria, jubilant about finding a safe place. Jenner shows the group around the building, directing the children toward the rec room and imploring everyone not to waste electricity.

The next morning, when Jenner arrives, he leads the group to the control center, where he displays brain scans from "Test Subject 19," who was infected and allowed the process to be recorded. Jenner admits he does not know what the disease is or how to treat it, and that he's lost contact with other facilities. Daniel, Paquete, Kiko and Gonçalo head to inspect the generators while upstairs, the building's air cuts off. In his office, Jenner stares at a photograph of a woman, asking her to understand that he did the best he could and hopes she would be proud of him. The panicked survivors confront Jenner, who explains the building is shutting itself down.

When the building runs out of power it will self-destruct—a "decontamination" protocol to keep dangerous infectious diseases from escaping. Jenner tries to convince Daniel to accept his fate. Daniel demands to know why Jenner stayed if he did not think there was any hope. "I made a promise," Jenner says, to his wife—Test Subject 19—to keep going as long as he could. She was one of the finest scientists in the world, if anyone could have done something about this, it was her. Jenner eventually opens the door, but maintains that they still won't be able to get past the lock-down upstairs. He shakes Daniel's hand, pulls him close, and whispers into Daniel's ear.

In the CDC lobby, the group finds the doors locked and pounds helplessly on the windows. Cristiana pulls the hand grenade that Daniel found in the police station from her bag. Daniel detonates the grenade, blasting out one of the glass windows. The survivors run to the cars. From inside the RV, Carina sees Leandra and Cassandra emerge from the building. Jenner and Zita hold hands and watch the others evacuate on the security monitor. The CDC erupts in a fiery explosion. Cassandra and Leandra rush to the RV. Shaken, Kiko starts the engine, and the caravan drives away from the smoldering rubble.Season 2

Season 2Edit

"What Lies Ahead"Edit

The group finally leaves Atlanta, starting a new journey. As they continue South of Atlanta, they come across a large sum of parked and crashed cars, blocking their path, just as they begin navigating through, the radiator in the RV is blown. At first, everybody is concerned about being left in the middle of the nowhere, but soon they realize that they can scavenge supplies from the abandoned cars and also find a new radiator for the RV.

Daniel keeps watch as the group starts to find supplies. Daniel spots a walker approaching from behind the cars and prepares to shoot it with a sniper, but he soon realizes that it's actually an herd of more than thirty walkers approaching. In danger, Daniel silently orders the group to hide under the cars. After the herd pass, Ana is attacked by two walkers and then runs into the wild forest, Daniel in hurry runs after her with Gonçalo, they track the walkers and finally reach Ana. They then tell her to hide in a tree and wait for them there, "If we don't come back, head back to the highway the same way we came". Daniel and Gonçalo moved the walkers away from Ana and then ended up killing them. After finding no Ana under the tree, Daniel and Gonçalo head back to the highway, and much for their disgust, they discovers that Ana didn't came back either, so she is lost in the woods.

Daniel, Paquete, Gonçalo and Kiko decide to investigate the area. Daniel then gets back to the highway to distract the rest of the group with simple tasks at the highway. The others return to the highway by the sunset, Cassandra curses Daniel and Gonçalo for leaving Ana alone in the woods. By the next day, Daniel and the rest of the group go tracking Ana once again. They find a tent in the middle of the forest, but no signs of Ana nowhere near it, a bell began to ring nearby, the group decide to follow the sound and they soon find a church. Yet again, no signs of Ana, the sound of the bell was actually a timer.

While the rest of the group decides to go back to the highway, Daniel, Gonçalo and Sophia decide to stay a bit more to search for Ana.

Soon after Daniel, Sophia and Gonçalo are in the forest once again, they find a deer. As Sophia approaches it, they all hear a loud gun shot, and a bullet going through the deer and hitting Sophia's chest.


Gonçalo runs with Daniel and Otis through a field, he carries a shot and unconscious Sophia in his arms. Otis tells Daniel and Gonçalo to keep running in this direction and they will find the Greene Family Farm, and he has to talk to a man named Hershel Greene. After reaching the farm, Hershel and his daughters put Sophia on a bed and start to give him medical treatment. Later, Daniel reunites with Inês and Diana, his former friends, who ere living in the farm. After Paquete and Otis leave to get the medical equipment for Sophia, Daniel volunteers to go after them, but Inês and Diana ask him to stay.

"Save the Last One"Edit

By the evening, Daniel is present when Cassandra, Kiko and Fábio arrive the frm and reunite with their old friends who were living in the farm.

"Cherokee Rose"Edit

Daniel suggests to teach every member of the group to shoot, but Hershel disapproves of guns being carried around in his property and Daniel accepts to follow Hershel's rules. Daniel, Paquete, Kiko and Gonçalo decide to hold the searches for Ana until the whole group is ready to go in the next day.

Hershel joins Daniel outside. When Daniel offers to set up his group's campsite by the barn to give the Greene Family more privacy, Hershel warns that they're better off closer to the house. He tells Daniel that he doesn't want his group to think they're welcome on the farm permanently, stating that once they find Ana and Sophia is ready to travel, they have to move on, much to Daniel's surprise.

Daniel and Hershel survey a map over a picturesque lookout on his farm, and take a break from discussing how to search for Ana when talk turns to God. Daniel admits he's mostly faithless, and Hershel tries to assure him that God had a hand in him saving him when he was surrounded in the police station, finding his friends and brother in the chaos.

Later, Daniel asks Hershel to reconsider sending the group off his farm once Sophia has recovered and Ana's been found. Hershel is reluctant to consider the prospect, but says he'll consider it if his group respects his rules. Daniel tells him that not everyone in his group like to take orders but he was going to do his best, asking him why he letted Inês and Diana stay at his farm but doesn't let his group stay. Hershel tells him that they were in real trouble when Otis found them and thought that Inês, Diana and the others wouldn't survive out there by themselves. Daniel tells him that he's group won't make it either "and that's why I would like you to reconsider". Daniel then walks in the direction of the house to visit Sophia, passing by Bruno who was seen talking with Beth.

Daniel finds Johanne in Sophia's room, and she tells him that she was awake earlier. He looks at Sophia, looking reliefed for Sophia being recovering, as he feels guilty for what hapenned. Johanne tries to comfort him, telling him to stop blaming himself for every bad thing that happens and that people look up to them. Daniel says that before the apocalypse nobody cared about him, and that Paquete and his friends just made his life miserable, including Johanne.


Daniel is seen continuing the search for Ana, laying out a map of the terrain and setting the group up in parties to go and continue looking for her. Jimmy approaches Daniel and tells him that he wants to help and claimed that Hershel said it was okay for him to do so. He also allows Gonçalo to borrow one of Hershel's horses to help cover more ground to look for Ana.

Later, Daniel returns to the farm, he is approached by Beth Greene, she says that Hershel wants to talk to him.

Daniel talks to Hershel, who complains about Daniel taking the young Jimmy out in the woods and also taking one of his horses without his permission, they agreed that Daniel needs to control his people while Hershel controls his since Daniel and his group won't be staying at the farm for very long anymore. Later, Kiko spots a walker approaching the farm and everyone is alerted and prepared to go kill it, when in fact they discover it was Gonçalo, covered in mud and blood after an accident with Hershel's horse; Kiko didn't notice it was him though, and shoots him anyway, grazing Gonçalo with a bullet. Fábio and Paquete help Gonçalo back to the house and gets him medical attention from Hershel. Gonçalo reveals that he found Ana's doll by the river, giving Daniel even more hope of finding her. After he joins everyone for a well prepared meal and has a quiet and awkward dinner with both his group and Hershel's group of people.


Daniel continues to plan for the search for Ana as he allows the training of the Atlanta survivors and Hershel's people with the usage of guns and weapons. Daniel asks Kiko, Paquete and Gonçalo to only train the people they trust the most, saying that the less guns wandering around, the better. Daniel takes Bruno, Cristiana, Mariana, Inês and Diana to teach them. When Cassandra approaches them and reveals that she stole a gun from the RV, Daniel tells her that she can not be trusted, since she stole a gun.

During gun practice, Daniel praises Cristiana for being a great shooter. He also gives a sniper rifle to Inês, worrying about her health, since she's asthmatic and doesn't want her too close to walkers.

Later, Daniel asks Caramelo to go to town to get some supplies and Maggie goes with him. Daniel and Cristiana have a conversation about Caramelo, Daniel asks Cristiana if he has ever killed a walker and she tells him that he hasn't. When Caramelo arrives, Daniel makes a joke about his ability to get to the farm on his own. Daniel and Caramelo talk about the attack at the pharmacy and Daniel tells him that he just reduced the chances of Harshel accepting them in the farm. Caramelo apologizes but Daniel doesn't accept his excuses.

Later, Cristina asks Daniel to gather the whole group because she needed to tell them something. Daniel is later seen, while Cristina reveals that she's pregnant and when Kiko reveals that there are walkers in the barn.

"Pretty Much Dead Already"Edit

The next morning the group goes to investigate with Paquete taking the lead. Daniel says he’s going to talk to Hershel about the barn. Daniel asks Inês and Diana if they knew about it. Inês explains that Hershel threatened to kick them all out of the farm if they told them anything about it. Daniel understands and hugs them.

As Hershel reads the Bible over lunch, Daniel goes to him to discuss remaining at the farm again and to tell him that they know about the Walkers in the barn. Hershel demands that they leave before the end of the week and Daniel confronts him about the reality that they’ll face. He tells Hershel – who only saw the apocalypse via the news – about what his group had to face and asks Hershel to let them stay because his farm is their only safe haven. In a final attempt he tells Hershel that the farm is special and that they need to stay there because he wants to protect his friends and his brother. As Daniel leaves, Beth and Hershel stare at one another in silence. 

Later, Daniel and Johanne plan yet another search for Ana when they are interrupted by Hershel when he asks for Daniel's help with something.

While walking into the forest, with Hershel and Jimmy, Hershel says that if Daniel and his group intend to stay, they have to handle walkers in his special way which is to trap and escort them back to the barn at the farm. Two walkers are stuck in the mud and Daniel agrees and helps escort the two walkers back to the farm. As they approach the barn, Paquete (who was giving the group weapons against Hershel's rules and preparing to kill the walkers in the barn) spots them, he explodes with anger and frustration and shoots the walker that Hershel is holding. Daniel can't stop Paquete because he is holding another walker, Paquete opens the barn and release the walkers inside. The Atlanta group get in line with him to kill all the walkers as they pour out from the barn, Paquete shoots the walker Daniel is holding in the process.

As the Greene Family watches in horror, a last walker leaves the barn, and it's the reanimated Ana. Everyone is shocked and saddened until Daniel realizes what has to be done; he gets his gun, points it at Ana's head and pulls the trigger.


After the barn massacre, Paquete starts yelling at Hershel, blaming him about Ana, Daniel tries to stop him. Hershel tells the group to leave the farm immediately. Daniel then becomes angry at Paquete, because Daniel had been handling the situation well before Paquete ruined it, Paquete calls Daniel delusional and storms off. The group decides to bury Ana, Annette Greene and Shawn Greene and burn the other walkers. Daniel is disappointed since he got the group in danger looking for Ana while she was inside the barn all the time. Everyone, except Sophia, attends to the funeral of Ana, Annette and Shawn. Later, after Beth goes into shock, the group discovers that Hershel is gone and finding his flask in his bedroom, Maggie suggests that he is at a local bar in town, Kiko and Gonçalo decide to look for him. Daniel stays in the farm to take care of Beth.


In the farm house, Beth is still in a state of shock, not being able to react to anything. Maggie tells Daniel a story about Beth finding her birth control pills and how she lied to their father to keep her out of trouble.

The next morning, the group starts getting ready to go into town to get Gonçalo, Hershel, and Kiko. Cristiana and Mariana tell Daniel, Inês and Diana that they think Paquete killed Otis to get away and that he wants to kill Daniel and Gonçalo so he can be leader. Daniel tells them that he also thought about that but he doesn't have any proof. Inês and Diana tell them that they owe their lifes to Otis, since he saved them in the beginning of the outbreak.

Daniel pulls Bruno aside and tells him to be carefull with Paquete. He tells Bruno that he thinks Paquete killed Otis and that Paquete might want to kill him next. Bruno tells Daniel that he's not scared of Paquete and that he knows Daniel is better than him. Mariana then appears and warns Daniel once again that Paquete is dangerous and if Daniel doesn't do something about it they may all be in danger.

"18 Miles Out"Edit

As Daniel clears Beth's tray, he notices a knife missing. He confronts Beth, who pulls it from under the covers and hands it over.

Maggie scolds Beth for considering suicide. Daniel, Bruno, Inês and Diana listen in from the kitchen. Cassandra comes in and tells Daniel he shouldn't have taken the knife away, starting a discussion between the two.

Unguarded, Beth locks herself in the bathroom and smashes the mirror. Daniel pries open the door, but not before Beth has cut her wrist.

"Judge, Jury, Executioner"Edit

After Gonçalo reports back to the rest of the group that Randall's group is well armed and in large number, Daniel declares Randall a threat, and that he must be killed. "You can't just decide on your own to take someone's life," Sophia objects, begging Daniel to give her time to talk to the group and find another way. Daniel agrees to give Sophia the rest of the day, if she manages to convince everyone that this is the best idea, they will let Randall live. Daniel talks with Cristiana, Mariana, Inês and Diana about Randall. He asks if they support his decision. Inês and Cristiana tell him that they agree with him but Mariana and Diana are not sure if killing someone is a good idea.

Patricia comes in informing them that Cassandra was arrogant with her. Daniel chastises Cassandra for talking back to Patricia about how people who believe in heaven are idiots, Daniel then says "Don't talk, think." Later, Daniel finds Hershel checking checking up on Beth. Hershel thanks Daniel for taking care of Beth. The conversation then changes to Kiko and Maggie. Daniel informs Hershel that he heard the girls from his group saying that Maggie is tired of Kiko. As the sun sets, Daniel asks Bruno if he thinks he's doing the right thing. Bruno nods. The group gathers in the house. Daniel asks if anyone thinks Randall should be spared. Sophia is disappointed that nobody, except for Carina, Johanne and Gonçalo, agreed with giving Randall a chance. While holding her tears, she says that Daniel and the group completely lost their humanity, on her way out, Carina tells them that the group is broken.

Afterwards, Gonçalo, Daniel and Paquete bring Randall to the barn. Daniel raises his gun, but is not capable of doing it. Paquete grabs his gun and tells them that he'll do it.

A scream is heard from the field and everybody is alerted, Daniel and the others run to investigate what's happening. They get to the scene, where a walker is on top of Carina, tearing into her stomach. Gonçalo stabs the walker in the head. Carina's intestines are spilling out of her body; she goes into shock. When Hershel arrives, he reports that Carina can't be saved. As Carina writhes on the ground, Cristina begs Gonçalo to put her out of her misery, and Gonçalo takes out his gun, but can't bring himself to shoot Carina. Daniel raises his gun, aims it at Carina's head and shoots her.

"Better Angels"Edit

By the morning, the group hold a funeral for Carina Kiko and Gonçalo plan to take Randall to the nearby town and leave him there. Leandra approaches Daniel saying that he needs to have a word with Carl, Daniel declares his main concern is desposing of Randall, but Daniel scolds Cassandra and tells her that she's "a dumb bitch" and that she should never hold a gun again. Cassandra starts crying and searches comfort in Cristina's arms, even though she's scared of Cassandra for causing Carina's death, she still hugs her. When Kiko and Gonçalo prepare to leave, Fábio and Alexis are sent to get Randall but discover that the barn is empty and Randall is missing. While investigating the scene, Paquete arrives with his nose bleeding, stating that Randall broke out of the barn and hit him with a rock while he was taking watch.

Daniel assembles a group which included Sophia, Gonçalo, Paquete and himself to go out in search for Randall, he orders everybody else to lock themselves inside the house and wait for them to come back. While in the woods, Sophia and Gonçalo notice that Paquete is strangely agitated, Paquete insists that they need to split into teams and search through the forest for Randall. Daniel and Paquete end up splitting from Gonçalo and Sophia. As the night fell, Daniel notices the strange behavior from Paquete and picks apart his story, he comes to the conclusion this was a ruse to lure him out into the field, where Paquete would kill him. Daniel turns around and tells Paquete that nobody will believe him if he goes back to the farm without him and without Randall. Paquete explains that he killed Randall earlier and have everything planned to fool the rest of the group into believing that Randall actually killed Daniel. He tells Daniel he is a better leader than he is and that him returning only messed things up. Paquete orders Daniel to raise his gun so they can end this once for all.

Daniel makes it seem as though he's handing Paquete his weapon, once his gun is in Paquete's hand, Daniel pulls out his knife and stabs Paquete in his heart. As Daniel tries to cope with what just happened, Bruno appears, shocked to see Paquete dead. He aims his gun at what at first we assume to be Daniel, but is actually a now zombified Paquete. Bruno pulls the trigger, killing the reanimated Paquete. Daniel looks back confused. The shot alerts a mass herd of walkers, Daniel and Bruno bend over to check the corpse of Paquete while not noticing the wave of zombies approaching in the horizon.

"Beside the Dying Fire"Edit

After killing Paquete, Bruno asks Daniel what exactly happened and why Daniel killed Paquete. Before he can answer, Daniel notices the herd of walkers approaching and tells Bruno to run to the barn. They lure the walkers there and set fire to the barn, killing many. From the roof, they are able to signalize to Jimmy as he drives the RV so they can jump on it. After getting down from the RV, Jimmy is killed by walkers, Daniel and Bruno are forced to run into the forest. Later, they arrive back to the farm, saving Hershel as walkers were closing in on him. Daniel asks where the rest of the group is, Hershel answers that everybody left the farm. They decide to also flee the farm, as it is swarming with hundreds of walkers; Hershel initially wanted to stay, stating that he is not going to leave his farm behind, but eventually leaves with Daniel and Bruno.

As the sun rises, they reach the vehicle jammed highway from the beginning of the season, they notice no one else has returned. They start hearing engines rumble in the distance: It's the other vehicles. After reuniting, they go to the body count: Jimmy died in the RV, Patricia died while trying to leave the house, Paquete was killed by walkers (as far as Daniel told the group) and Johanne was caught by walkers while saving Cristina, but they don't know if she was indeed bitten. When Gonçalo suggests going back to find Johanne, Daniel immediately shoots it down immediately claiming that "she's not there anymore." The group decide to depart from this area, try to look for another safe heaven where they can live. As the sun sets, Daniel's vehicle runs out of gas, prompting him to suggest to the group that they spend the night in some ruins nearby. Everybody starts to panic, saying that is not safe to spend a night on the road, Gonçalo tells Daniel that he and Sophia found Randall reanimated in the forest when they split up from him and Paquete. They ask what happened during the last night.

Daniel reveals the secret Jenner told him back at the CDC: everyone is infected. Many of the group are angry with Daniel, notably Cassandra and Maggie, for keeping this hidden from them. The revelation of Jenner's secret leaves many of the group having a distrust with Daniel (except for Hershel, Sophia, Ruth, Inês, Diana, Bruno, Cristiana and Mariana, who still trust Daniel's judgement). During the night, while sitting around a campfire by the road, the group is talking about going their separate ways, a noise in the forest startles everyone, they start to complain with Daniel about camping in this place, he then calms down and explains himself to the group. He tells them that he is sorry for not telling them about what Jenner told them, and Diana defends Daniel saying that Hershel and the others, including herself, didn't tell them about the walkers in the barn, Daniel continues, tells them that Paquete tried to kill him when they were searching for Randall, that Paquete said he was a better leader for the group, and he believes that Paquete might had been right but Cristiana disagrees and tells them that Daniel did everything he could to keep the group safe and alive, that he did much more than Paquete ever did. Daniel finally reveals that he had to kill Paquete in self defense and that he doesn't want them to think of him as a monster. Cassandra calms down and tells him that she forgives him, since she was also responsible for the death of one of the members of their group. Daniel tells them that he knows that many of them don't trust him anymore, he tells them that if somebody else thinks that they would be better leaders they just need to tell him.The others stare back in stunned silence. "No takers?" Daniel asks. "I can't do this by myself, we're a group, we'll start acting like one" Daniel explains, "This isn't a dictatorship, we're a democracy". Daniel then leaves to investigate the noise. Unknown to any of them, a prison complex looms in the horizon.

Season 3Edit


Eight months have passed since the final events of the second season, Daniel has seemingly been forgiven by the group after the events that transpired, and earned the trust of every group member. Daniel and the group stumble upon an abandoned house, killing all of the walkers inside and deciding to stay there for a while, Cristina's pregnancy is already in an advanced state. The group sit down in silence in the living room but this is short lived when another group of walkers begins to approach the house, causing the group to flee. On the road, Cassandra and Leandra discuss with Hershel and Daniel that they need a place to stay for a few weeks, so Cristina can delivery the baby without many problems. They decide to leave this area of Georgia since it's swarming with walkers. While going hunting with Gonçalo, they stumble upon an overrun prison. Daniel realizes it's the perfect place to stay. The group head to the prison entrance, noticing that there are not too many walkers on the field, they can stay there for the night if they close the courtyard gate. Daniel and Kiko manages to shut the gate while the rest of the group distracts and kills the walkers. The group camps in the secure prison yard for the night, Daniel reveals his plans to take over the prison, since the place must be stocked with food, weapons and medicine.

The next day, Daniel and the rest of the group clear out the remaining walkers in the courtyard, cleaning out the entrance to the prison. They find a secure cell block inside, called Cell Block C. The group finds riot gear, flash grenades, and other useful equipment. Daniel, Maggie, Gonçalo, Fábio, Hershel, and Kiko decide to explore the prison even deeper, to look for the cafeteria and infirmary. They make their way through several corridors only to be ambushed by a group of walkers. Fábio and Maggie are split from the group, but Hershel insists on going back for his daughter. Hershel finds Fábio and Maggie, but is bitten in the lower right calf by a stray walker in the hallway. The group tries to take Hershel to somewhere safe, and they end up finding the locked cafeteria and break in. Acting quickly, Daniel amputates the lower portion of Hershel's right leg to keep the infection from spreading. Noticing that they need to stop the bleeding quickly, Gonçalo spots three figures watching them and he points his flash-light at them, revealing that they are actually living prisoners.


While Maggie works to stop the bleeding, Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog quickly put Hershel onto a gurney and take him back to Cell Block C, ignoring the five prisoners (Axel, Tomas, Big Tiny, Oscar, and Andrew). However, the prisoners follow them to the cell block and a stand off occurs between the prisoners, T-Dog, and Daryl with Rick intervening. Rick tells them about how the world has been completely overrun by walkers (as the prisoners had no knowledge of the outside world). Outside, a stand off occurs between Tomas and Rick because Tomas wants him and the other survivors to leave, seeing that the prison belongs to the prisoners, not them. Rick cuts a deal to help the prisoners secure a separate cell block in exchange for half of the prisoner's food. While bringing the food the Cell Block C, Rick notices that Hershel is still out, he pulls Glenn aside and tells him to act quickly in case Hershel dies. While Rick, T-Dog and Daryl are taking the prisoners to another cell block, they are forced to fight their way through a small group of walkers, Big Tiny is scratched on his back. Rick tells him that there is nothing he can do to help Big Tiny with this infection, and then shortly, Big Tiny is killed by Tomas.

Rick gets unnerved when a blood-spattered Tomas gives Rick an icy stare. Once they reach the room before the cell block, Tomas ignores Rick's warning and opens up both doors, causing a herd of walkers to rush in. During the fight, Tomas tries to kill Rick twice by swinging his weapon too close to him and pushing a walker towards him. After the walkers are cleared, Rick confronts Tomas once again. He mocks Tomas by saying that "shit happens", and slams his machete on Tomas' head, killing him instantly. Andrew runs away, but Rick catches him and locks him on the outside where walkers are roaming. Rick decides to let Axel and Oscar (the last of the prison survivors) live, they leave them at Cell Block B and goes back to Cell Block C. Rick holds Hershel's hand as he awakens and thanks Lori for saving Hershel's life. He meets up with Lori outside and touches her shoulder, being the first time in months that he touches her. He then claims that the group is grateful for her saving Hershel, and walks away without making eye contact.

"Walk With Me"EditEdit

Rick does not appear in this episode, but is mentioned by Andrea when she talks with Merle Dixon about how he escaped Atlanta.

"Killer Within"EditEdit

While planning to burn all the corpses from walkers the group killed inside the prison, Rick and the others receive an unexpected visit from Axel and Oscar. The two prisoners tells them that Cell Block B is a haunted place and they rather leave the prison than live in that place. After consulting Daryl, Rick decides to let the prisoners leave, as it was part of their agreement, even though T-Dog is against this decision, saying that kicking them out of the prison is a death sentence. While Rick, Daryl, and Glenn went out to get wood to burn the corpses, walkers start to invade the prison courtyard, forcing the group to split up. Rick and the others recruit Axel and Oscar to help them kill the walkers and they found out that someone broke the latch on the gate that protected the group from walkers getting in. He thinks that either Axel or Oscar committed the crime, which allowed walkers to enter. Soon after, a loud prison alarm is heard and Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and the two inmates make their way to the generator room to shut off the walker-attracting sound. Rick is then attacked by Andrew, the inmate that Rick left out in the prison yard to be devoured by walkers, but somehow managed to survive. Andrew is then shot in the head by Oscar. On the way back to the courtyard, they find T-Dog's corpse being devoured by two walkers, which Rick can barely look at. After regrouping and realizing that there are still people missing, Rick demands to search for Lori, but hears an infant crying, which is Lori's newborn. As Rick notices that Lori did not return with Maggie and Carl, he predicts the worse and sobs over the loss of his wife.

"Say the Word"EditEdit

Rick appears to be furious and mentally deranged as he picks up an ax lying in the prison's courtyard. He heads into the prison to find Lori's body, and slaughters "a dozen, two dozen" walkers along the way. Glenn follows Rick inside and attempts to convince Rick to rejoin the group outside, saying that Rick doesn't need to do this alone. Rick is unresponsive until Glenn touches him, and then Rick slams Glenn against the wall. Rick calms down, whips Glenn away, and then walks off without saying a word. When Rick reaches the boiler room, he discovers that Lori's body is gone, sees a knife, and picks up a bullet. He follows a blood streak to find a seated, bloated walker in a stupor from overeating. Rick shoots the walker in the head before stabbing its stomach multiple times. While collapsed in a daze on the floor of the boiler room, he distantly hears a baby wail and a phone ring. Confused, Rick notices a phone nearby and goes to answer it.


Rick picks up the phone receiver and hears a woman's voice on the other end. He is told that she is part of a large group who haven't experienced any walkers or deaths and are safe. When Rick pressures her to reveal more, she hangs up. Rick then reunites with the rest of the group to check up on Carl. When Glenn volunteers to assist Rick in dragging bodies out of the boiler room, Rick walks away. He is later confronted by Hershel, who offers his condolences to Rick about Lori's death. Rick tells him about the woman on the phone and says she'd call back in two hours after talking with the others in her group; Hershel offers to wait with him, but Rick declines. When the phone rings once again, a man from the group asks how many people Rick has killed; he answers four. After asking why he let Lori die, Rick refused to answer. The man hangs up, leaving Rick confused and enraged. Later, a third person is on the line and calls Rick by name. Scared, Rick immediately hangs up and back away from the phone. Later, another person calls, Rick hesitates, but answers it anyway. The person reveals herself to be Lori and all the others who had previously called were Amy, Jim, and Jacqui. Rick breaks down and tells Lori that he had never stopped loving her and says he didn't want her to die. Realizing this was all part of an hallucination, Rick hangs up the phone. Later on, he goes back to the cafeteria and holds his newborn daughter for the first time. He goes outside to get some fresh air, but witnesses a strange figure approaching the prison along a bunch of walkers. As he takes a better look, he realizes that it's a woman covered in walker's guts outside the Prison gates and carrying the supplies from Glenn and Maggie.

"When the Dead Come Knocking"EditEdit

Rick is staring at Michonne outside of their fence, surrounded by walkers. Undeterred, Michonne takes out a few walkers when her scent is exposed, but Carl and Rick assist in taking out the rest, as she passes out. After hoisting her over his shoulder and carrying her inside the prison, he lays her down and provides her with medical treatment from Hershel. He questions her over Glenn and Maggie's whereabouts, and she explains that they were taken by one of The Governor's henchman and that The Governor is the sick leader of a town nearby called Woodbury. Later, Rick formulates a plan to attack Woodbury and retrieve Glenn and Maggie. On the way out of the prison, he and Carl decide on the name Judith for the baby. Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Oscar then commence their journey to Woodbury. However, on the way, they are overtaken by walkers on foot and are forced to take shelter inside the home of a hermit. The hermit, apparently unaware of the apocalypse, bolts for the door, but is run through by Michonne, before being tossed to the walkers as a distraction while the group made their escape. Later on, at night, they finally came upon Woodbury's gate, crouched behind crashed cars, and surveyed the area.

"Made to Suffer"EditEdit

With the help of Michonne, Rick leads the group into Woodbury to recover Maggie and Glenn from their confinement. They manage to silently capture and interrogate one of the guards, but he is unaware of what's happening. After hearing gunshots, Rick and the group head to the sound's source, finding Glenn and Maggie about to be executed. They throw in flash grenades from the prison, blinding all of the henchmen and during the confusion, they manage to take Glenn and Maggie to a safe place. However, Michonne leaves the group and wanders into Woodbury by herself. When Daryl learns that his brother Merle is a resident of Woodbury after Glenn reveals that Merle was the one responsible for kidnapping and brutally beating him, Daryl yearns to speak with his brother. Rick refuses, as it is too risky to make contact with any resident. They decide to leave and another shootout between the Woodbury soldiers and the group ensues. During the shootout, Rick notices an hallucination of "Shane" walking through the smoke and Rick stares, transfixed. "Shane" fatally shoots Oscar, and Rick retaliates, shooting him in the head. Upon inspection, Rick discovers that it was just an ordinary Woodbury soldier. The group moves to escape, but notice that Daryl has fallen behind. While waiting for him outside, an injured Michonne arrives after ditching the group during the rescue mission. They hold her at gunpoint, asking her what was she doing, but she offers to help locate Daryl.

"The Suicide King"EditEdit

Rick and Maggie once again break in and attack Woodbury, successfully rescuing Daryl and Merle as they were forced to fight each other in a death match. After escaping and reuniting with Glenn and Michonne, Merle begins insulting the group, but Rick pistol-whips him unconscious. They decide not to bring back Merle because of his attitude, and also decide not to include Michonne because she is too much of a loose cannon. Daryl refuses to leave Merle behind and, despite Rick's protests, abandons the group. Glenn is also angered at Rick for not killing The Governor during the attack and focusing more on rescuing Daryl, who abandoned them. Rick informs Glenn that rescuing Daryl was the main priority. Rick also informs Michonne that once she is patched up, she is on her own. Back at The Prison, Rick has to decide the fate of Tyreese's group, who offer to do anything to help and agree to stay out of Rick's hair. Rick rejects the idea, but Hershel argues that it might be the best decision to include them since they are short on manpower (following Oscar's death and Daryl's absence). While Rick is deciding their fate, he starts hallucinating once again. He witnesses a vision of Lori, causing him to lash out at it. Everyone there believes he is yelling at Tyreese's group to leave, prompting Glenn to rush them out before Rick attacks them.


By the next day, Rick is still in a deranged state, witnessing multiple visions of Lori. He leaves The Prison and follows his dead wife, with Michonne standing by and watching him. He is then confronted by Hershel, who asks him to come back and bring order and stability, since Glenn is not in the best state of mind to take control of the group. Rick declines, heading back into the woods. The Governor and his group ambushes him and opens fire on The Prison. Rick is forced to take cover, returning fire to the attackers. A truck full of walkers run down the prison's gates and fill the yard with walkers, putting Hershel's life in danger. Rick tries to go around the gate to save him, but walkers attracted by the gunfire surround Rick before he can make it to the entrance. Out of ammo, he is pinned to the fence by three walkers, but before they could infect him, the Dixon brothers return and save his life. Noticing that Michonne and Glenn managed to save Hershel's life, Rick stares darkly at the prison's yard, once again overrun by walkers.

"I Ain't a Judas"EditEdit

The group discusses what to do about Woodbury following the attack. Rick tries to wander outside, but Hershel yells at him to get his head clear and do something instead of simply walking away. Listening to Merle's advice that The Governor must have soldiers watching the prison, Rick goes out and scouts The Prison's yard, finding out that there is in fact Woodbury soldiers watching them from behind the trees. Carl comes out and advises Rick to stop being the leader for now because he deserves a rest and suggests letting Hershel and Daryl lead for a while. When Andrea shows up at The Prison, Rick lets her in, and them slams her against the fence and searches her while demanding to know if she came alone. Andrea tries to make peace to avoid any more bloodshed, but Rick and the others make it clear that they want revenge against both The Governor and Woodbury. Andrea says that The Governor wanted to negotiate and Rick and the others fired at them, but Rick reveals that The Governor indeed attacked the prison first, exposing the lie that he had told her about Rick's group attacking them. The negotiation ends when Rick storms off after Andrea refuses to allow them inside of Woodbury. Andrea then departs in a prison car given to her by the group. Rick also gives her a handgun and a knife before she leaves should she decide to murder The Governor herself. Later that night, while Beth is singing by candlelight, Rick tells Hershel that he is going on a weapons run and wants to bring Michonne and Carl along with him.


Rick goes on a run with Carl and Michonne, which leads them into Rick's hometown. On the way, they notice a man by the road begging them to stop the car, but they simply ignore him. Carl shows that he's concerned about bringing Michonne with them, since she is not part of the group. They arrive in King County and enter the armory of the Sheriff's Department, only to find out that all the weapons were taken. Rick knows where to find more guns in the main street. To their surprise, the main street has a strange set of traps, when a walker is shot in the head. They look up to find that a stranger on a roof has them at gunpoint. They have a short shootout, Rick orders Carl to get to the car and wait for him, Michonne tries to sneak upon the mysterious man, but he disappeared. Rick is confused when the man shows up again in the street, shooting at Rick while he takes cover. Carl ultimately shoots the stranger in the chest. Rick pulls off his shirt, which reveals he was wearing body armor. He then pulls off the stranger's helmet, revealing that it's Morgan Jones. They take him inside the building, while avoiding booby traps. The three notice that Morgan has an immense stockpile of weapons and begin to put them in bags to take them to the prison. While Rick is reading several sentences Morgan wrote on the walls, he finds the walkie-talkie he gave Morgan when he left King County. Rick remembers about his intentions of finding Lori, but soon he notices a writing on the wall that says, "DUANE TURNED". Rick decides to stay and wait for Morgan to wake up and check if he's okay.

While Michonne and Carl go on a run to find a crib for Judith, Rick apologizes to the unconscious Morgan. During a moment of distraction, Morgan wakes up and takes a knife taped to the side of the bed. He attacks Rick and ultimately stabs him in the upper-left chest. Rick points his gun at Morgan's head, and the man begs Rick to kill him, Rick realizes that Morgan is not in a sane state. Rick ties up Morgan and tries to remind Morgan that he knows him, while the latter yells out "you're wearing the skin of a dead man" over and over. While Rick bandages himself up, Morgan repeatedly asks Rick to kill him. Rick proceeds to hold up the walkie-talkie to jog Morgan's memory and he begins to remember. He immediately lashes out at Rick for not using the radio every morning like he promised, while Rick insists that his group kept being pushed inland and thus unable to constantly maintain contact. Morgan bitterly tells Rick what happened to Duane. Rick tries to convince Morgan to go to the prison with them, where it's safe, but Morgan notices that they are taking a lot of guns, meaning that someone else wants the prison. Rick states that they are going to win this war, but Morgan refuses to join them, saying that Rick and everyone in his group will die "by either teeth or bullets."

While putting the guns in the trunk of the car, Rick asks Carl how it went with Michonne, Carl answers that "she might be one of us". Rick, Carl and Michonne leave King County, as Rick watches Morgan preparing to burn the corpse of walkers caught on his booby traps. On the way back, they notice the remains of the man they had seen earlier by the road, they stop to pick up his backpack and move on.

"Arrow on the Doorpost"EditEdit

After a meeting being set up by Andrea, Rick rides out with Daryl and Hershel to an abandoned farm store to discuss peace terms. Rick and The Governor finally meet face-to-face for the first time. The Governor assures that he only wants to talk and in a gesture of good faith, he removes his pistol, hangs the holster up out of arm's reach and calmly sits in a chair; he invites Rick to do the same, but Rick just holsters his gun and continues to glare. Unknown to Rick, The Governor has taped a gun under his side of the table. Andrea storms into the barn, complaining that The Governor started the meeting without her; Rick says that he knows everything about The Governor: the raids, the heads in fish tanks and that he attempted to rape Maggie. The Governor asks Rick for his terms, and he hands The Governor a map of the area: Woodbury takes west of the river, the Prison takes the east and the two groups will not interact or trade with each other. The Governor scoffs at the offer and says that he wants the Prison survivors to surrender to him. Rick says that if he wants a surrender, then "come and get it". Andrea interferes telling both men to calm down, but The Governor asks her to leave him and Rick to discuss this privately. As Andrea leaves the barn, one of The Governor's henchman, Martinez (who is waiting outside), closes the door.

Rick and The Governor start to insult one another about their respective positions as leaders. Incredibly they show some level of respect for each other, although Rick calls him a town drunk for killing Axel and running down the Prison's gates. The Governor asks if Rick ever misjudged someone, and says that he knows about the possibility of Judith being someone else's daughter. He says that if he just leaves Rick's group alone, his people are going to think he is weak. "That's your problem", Rick says. The Governor shares a story about the day his wife died: he was at work when he received a call from the hospital telling him that she died in a car accident. He muses that earlier in the day, his wife left him a message asking him to call her back but he never managed to do so. "What did she want?", The Governor asks. Rick remembers about Lori's death and becomes visibly rattled; The Governor notices this and smirks. He gets up and tells Rick that this fight will go down to the last man, but tells Rick that there is a way out: he promises Rick can have anything he wants if he gives up Michonne.

Rick tries to talk The Governor out of this idea, saying that he is called "The Governor", but he worries about some vendetta and that this is beneath his level. And even if he gives up Michonne, he doesn't trust that The Governor will keep his word about leaving them alone. Nevertheless, The Governor tells Rick to think about it, giving him two days to decide what to do. Rick, Daryl and Hershel head back to the prison. After reuniting the whole group inside the cell block, Rick gives the word, "I met this Governor, [...] He wants the prison, wants us gone, dead. [...] We're going to war". Rick heads outside, Hershel follows him and Rick reveals that he lied to the group; The Governor wants Michonne, but he doesn't trust the they will be left alone after giving her up. Rick asks Hershel if he is willing to sacrifice his daughter's life for Michonne; a confused Hershel asks him why he is asking that. Rick says that he's waiting for Hershel to try to talk him out of this.


Rick is seen keeping watch in the guard tower of the prison. When Andrea tries signalling Rick, The Governor tackles her. Rick notices a strange movement in the woods and looks over with his sniper rifle, but after further investigation, he dismisses it.

"This Sorrowful Life"EditEdit

While outside with Hershel and Daryl, Rick informs the latter about The Governor's offer. They both try to dissuade Rick from giving up Michonne, but Rick insists it's their best shot at saving lives. He decides to ask Merle what he thinks of the offer and finds him inside Cell Block B looking for drugs. Merle scoffs after hearing Rick will hand Michonne over and suggests that he use a thick cord or cable to tie her up with, "something that she can't bite or wriggle her way out of." He questions Rick about giving up Michonne without knowing if The Governor will even leave them alone, and mocks Rick for not having guts to do the job himself. While wandering outside, Rick finds a cable to bind Michonne when Lori appears on the catwalk. "You're not there," he mutters, cradling his head. When he looks up, Lori is still there. Realizing that he can't go through with it, Rick throws the cable away and leaves. He goes inside and tells Hershel that "the deal is off."

After looking around the Prison with Daryl and not finding either Michonne or Merle, they realize that Merle took Michonne to The Governor as per the deal and goes to bring them back; Daryl stops Rick and says that he's a much better tracker and goes alone, telling Rick to have everyone ready for war when he comes back. Rick then sets up a meeting with the entire group inside the prison, where he tells them the truth about the deal of giving up Michonne. He says that he changed his mind, but Merle already took Michonne and Daryl went off to stop them but admits that he doesn't know if it's too late. He recounts about what he said after the destruction of the farm: "It's not my call. I couldn't sacrifice one of us for the greater good because we are the greater good," he says. "I'm not your Governor. We choose to go. We choose to stay. We stick together." Rick then goes to the guard tower and while looking through the sniper rifle, spots a figure approaching the gates. He sees that it's Michonne coming back alone without Daryl or Merle.

"Welcome to the Tombs"EditEdit

Rick and the survivors are seen packing up their supplies and loading it into several vehicles, Glenn approaches Rick and tells him about Carl being upset with their plan, but Rick tells Glenn that Carl is just a kid and he will understand it. While doing a final sweep of the cell block, Michonne comes up and thanks Rick for allowing her into the group. Rick and the rest of the group hide as The Governor and the Woodbury Army arrive at the prison well armed and in large numbers. The Governor notices that the prison seems to be empty and he leads his army into the tombs. There they trigger several flash grenade traps as well as the Prison's alarm system, attracting walkers to flood the corridor. As they flee the tombs and head outside to regroup, Glenn and Maggie ambush them, catching the Woodbury Army by surprise and forcing them to flee.

Rick and the others celebrate as their plan to scare off The Governor worked, but since the possibility of The Governor returning still exists, they decide to chase him down. As they check on the rest of the group, Rick is told by Hershel that Carl killed a Woodbury soldier after he had surrendered his weapon; Carl assures Rick that the soldier attacked them, but Hershel insists that he saw that Carl shot the soldier in cold blood, causing Rick to worry. As they prepare to pursue The Governor, Rick sees another vision of Lori up on the catwalk. He then asks Carl about the shooting. Carl admits the Woodbury soldier had indeed surrendered his weapon before being shot. Still, he says, "I couldn't take the chance," pointing out that Rick's choices of letting people live constantly caused the death of many people in the group, such as letting Andrew and The Governor live, which caused the deaths of Lori and Merle respectively. Carl says that he did what he had to do and walks off; Rick hears something hit the ground and notices that Carl dropped his old sheriff's badge.

Rick, Michonne and Daryl leave the prison in pursuit of The Governor. They eventually come across the entire Woodbury Army dead by the road next to their vehicles. As they look around, they discover Karen, the lone survivor, hiding in one of the assault vehicles. She reveals that The Governor murdered everyone for no reason whatsoever, and they decide to go after him in Woodbury. They arrive there at nightfall, encountering Tyreese and Sasha and laying down their weapons. Rick and Karen explain that The Governor killed everyone and they came to end this war, but Tyreese says that The Governor didn't return to Woodbury.

When hearing from Tyreese that Andrea successfully escaped from Woodbury, Rick mentions that she never made it to the prison and suggests she could still be in the town. They head to the interrogation room where Glenn and Maggie were kept and notice a pool of blood under the door. They find a walker dead and Andrea fatally bitten. When she asks if Judith, Carl, and the rest of them are alive, Rick replies "Us. The rest of us." She asks Rick to hand over his gun so she can kill herself, saying "I know how the safety works"; after some hesitation, Rick hands her his revolver. Michonne stays with Andrea as Rick, Tyreese and Daryl head outside and wait for her to commit suicide. In the morning, Rick and the group return to the prison along with with a school bus filled with the eighteen remaining Woodbury survivors, including Tyreese, Sasha and Karen. Carl approaches Rick and asks what is this about. "They're gonna join us," Rick replies as Carl walks off. Rick then looks up at the catwalk and Lori is nowhere to be seen, signifying that he believes he made the right decision.

Season 4EditEdit

Rick will appear in Season 4, along with all the other prison survivors.

Killed VictimsEditEdit

This list shows the victims Rick has killed:

  • Ana Margarida (Zombified)
  • Carina
  • John Paquete
  • Tomas
  • Unnamed Woodbury Soldiers
  • Numerous counts of zombies



"I won't leave you again."
—Daniel to Bruno.

Daniel seems to care deeply for his brother and does whatever is necessary to protect him. Daniel knew that if he wanted to keep Bruno safe, he needed to teach him to defend himself. He trains Bruno in the use of a gun and readies him for the possibility of his brother dying. Right after Daniel kills Paquete, Bruno saves Daniel's life by killing the undead Paquete. The two then escape the overrun farm together.

Over the time lapse between seasons 2 and 3, Bruno becomes extremely proficient as a fighter, earning Daniel's respect enough that he is allowed to participate in combat against walkers with the others and guard the group.


"She's not the same girl I fell in love with'."
—Rick to Cristiana during their conversation before the outbreak.

Daniel is shown to care deeply for Mariana, just like he cares for Bruno, Cristiana, Diana and Inês.

Daniel told Cristiana that he used to have a small crush on her, months before the apocalypse. He seemed to have been able to forget her since he never shown anything that could prove that he sees her as something more than friends and also because he told Cristiana that he started liking Carla.

In the day of the outbreak, Daniel tries to find Mariana and the rest of his friends but he gets there too late, since thay had already been evacuated by the military.

However, Daniel is able to find her later, when he arrives at the Atlanta camp. Mariana and Daniel share a hug, as they both cry.

Mariana seems to allways be on Daniel's side and allways supports his decisions and protects him everytime the group says something about Daniel that she disagrees with, just like Cristiana.


"I consider you my best friend."
—Daniel to Cristiana when they get to a town to search for supplies.

Cristiana is Daniel's best friend. They are usually seen talking with each other and they care deeply for one another.

Like Mariana, she's allways on Daniel's side and supports his decisions everytime.

When Daniel teaches Cristiana to use a gun, he compliments her, telling Cristiana that she's one of the best shooters. Since then, everytime Daniel needs some help, Cristiana volunteers to assit him, even though he usually wants her to stay with the rest of the group to keep her safe.

John PaqueteEditEdit

"So who's the leader around here?."
"I am!"
—Paquete revealing to Daniel that he was the group's leader.

Daniel and Paquete never got along, even before the apocalypse.

Paquete used to make fun of Daniel and his friends before the outbreak which made his hate for Paquete grow alot during the years.

After the outbreak, when Daniel gets to the camp, Paquete starts seeing him as a threat, with people allways questioning Paquete's leadership and starting to look up to Daniel. This feeling of envy, keeps groing, leading to Paquete's death. Paquete believed that Daniel was to weak to lead the group and that he would never be able to make the tough decisions. Paquete then tries to kill Daniel, but, in self defense, Daniel is forced to kill him.


"She trusted me... she saw me as your leader... and I wasn't able of help her."
—Daniel to Inês when they thought Diana had died.

Diana is one of Daniel's best friends.

When he encounters Diana and Inês in the farm, they hug, crying of happiness.

During the time lapse between Season 2 and season 3, Diana and Inês have been taught some minor medical techniques by Hershel. Daniel seems highly confident in their medical skills.

Daniel is clearly devastated when he thinks Diana had died after the prison infestation.

After he finds her, Daniel's attitude changes. He decides that they have to take care of their own and that they can't be responsible for every survivor they come across, since that led to Fábio and Cristina's death and made Diana disappear.


"God! Inês I'm sorry, I'm being so selfish. She was your best friend, you must be the one who's suffering the most."
—Daniel to Inês after Diana's disappearance.

Inês is one of Daniel's best friends and they seem to care deeply for eachother.

During their time in the farm, when Daniel teaches them to shoot, Daniel decides to give a sniper rifle to Inês, worrying for her asthma attacks, because he didn't wanted anything to happen to her and wants to keep her far from the danger.

After Diana disappears in the prison, inês and Daniel seem to comfort eachother often.

Daniel also trusts on her medical and shooting skills completely.


"Us. The rest of us."
—Daniel reaffirming Johanne as a member of the group, moments before her death

Before the outbreak, Daniel mentions that he didn't used to talk to her, even though she's the the only one from his former class to be his classmate.

After the outbreak, johanne seems to trust Daniel's choices and was usually on his side.

After the farm gets overrun, Daniel seems sad for Johanne, thinking that she was dead. Much later in the episode The Suicide King, Daniel learns that Johanne is in Woodbury. When she visits the prison, he welcomes her and makes it clear that he wants The Governor dead. Upon leaving, he gives her a gun and a knife, and says, "Be careful." When The Governor and Daniel meet to try and create a peace treaty per Johanne's request, the Governor kicks her out of the discussion to settle matters privately. Daniel does not see Johanne again until he infiltrates Woodbury in Welcome to the Tombs. When he learns Johanne has been bit, she asks for Daniel's gun to prevent reanimation. Her last words to Daniel are, "I tried," to which he tearfully replies, "You did." 

Hershel GreeneEditEdit

"Don't feel sorry about my leg. You saved my life Daniel, and I'm grateful for that."
—Hershel thanking Rick for amputating his bitten limb, and saving his life.[src]

Daniel first met the Greene family after Sophia was accidentally shot by their neighbor Otis, who offered the medical assistance of the family patriarch, Hershel. Daniel and Gonçalo were grateful for Hershel ultimately saving their friend and allowing the group to stay on his farm while Sophia healed, though they came at odds when the group discovered that Hershel had been hoarding his undead family and neighbors in his barn thinking they could be cured. Daniel slowly attempted to show Hershel the truth of the living dead, but to no avail. He eventually cooperated with Hershel, even going as far as to aide him in bringing two new walkers to the barn.

After abandoning the farm, Daniel had finally been seen as the leader over the entire group, which united them all as one unit. While living as transient scavengers during the winter, Hershel followed Daniel's leadership and did not question him.

When Hershel was bitten while the group cleared the prison, Daniel immediately hacked off his leg to prevent the infection from killing him, which eventually led to a full recovery minus the amputation. Hershel continues to follow Daniel's leadership. He is shown mentoring Daniel both during and after Diana's disappearence.

The two have become very close friends following Hershel's recovery from his amputation, having almost a son-father relationship. Recently, Hershel has been seen on several occasions giving advice to Daniel on how best to handle things and voices his opinion to Daniel when he has doubts or questions his decisions.

Maggie GreeneEditEdit

After Sophia was saved by Hershel, Maggie offered her services to Daniel and the Group by showing them a map of the entire Farm area of where Ana might be hiding. Even after Daniel and the group discovered the walker barn that Hershel kept and killed all the walkers in the barn, Maggie was concerned about Daniel and the group leaving the farm, even though she changes her mind after being left by Caramelo in the pharmacy, almost diying. In season 3, after Daniel and the group, (except Johanne, who got left behind) along with Maggie, Hershel, and Beth were forced to leave Hershel's farm, Maggie played a major part in the group when she, Daniel, Gonçalo, Kiko, and Fábio went inside the prison and killed most of the walkers in the courtyard. After Marcelino captures Maggie and Caramelo, Daniel, along with Kiko and Gonçalo went into Woodbury to free Maggie and Caramelo from Marcelino and The Governor, which starts a war between Daniel's group and Woodbury.


"You let a kid walk around with a knife but you won't teach me to protect myself?"
—Cassandra complaining to Daniel for not being allowed to use a gun.

In Season 1, Cassandra and Daniel are barely seen together. he shows some concern when Cassandra wants to stay at the CDC and commit suicide. During Season 2, Cassandra constantly asks to be taught to use a gun but Daniel allways refused to teach her, afraid that she would try to commit suicide. She used to blame Daniel for Ana's death. During the time lapse between Season 2 and Season 3, Cassandra was finally taught to shoot a gun. It also seems that Cassandra started to respect Daniel. When The Governor attacks, the Prison and Cassandra kills Natacha, Daniel seems to be stunned by the news but doesn't tell her anything.


"What the hell is this?."
—Caramelo asking Daniel about the Woodbury survivors.

Daniel and Caramelo don't interact much during Season 1 and 2. It's known that Daniel and Caramelo used to be friends before the outbreak, but got distant after Caramelo asked Mariana to be his girlfriend, even though he knew Daniel liked her.

Along with Cassandra, Caramelo's personality changes alot during the seasons. In Season 3 Caramelo and Cassandra, seem to allways do the wrong calls, especially when they try to take Marcelino to The Governor and when Cassandra shoots Natacha, even though she was surrending. Daniel seems to worry for the duo's mental condition.


"Daniel's not doing so good is he?"
—Kiko to Alexis after Diana's disappearence.

Kiko and Daniel have little interaction in the series, but Kiko didn't looked like he took Daniel seriously until Season 3. Daniel seemed to trust Kiko, even though they apparently had some problems with each other before the apocalypse.


"I trust you, and I understand you reasons."
—Sophia to Daniel about Daniel's decision of not to tell them about what Jenner told him.

Sophia and Daniel don't interact much, but the both seem to have a mutual respect for each other.


"Don't pay any attention to what they say, you're a good leader."
—Ruth to Daniel after the farm is overrun.

Even though Daniel and Ruth don't interact much, Daniel seems to care for Ruth and she respects and trusts Daniel, thinking that he is a capable leader.


Leandra and Daniel don't interact much. In the end of Season 2 Leandra is seen supporting Cassandra's idea of someone else leading the group. In Season 3 Leandra seemed to change her mind and started to see Daniel as a leader.


"Don't worry you'll be okay in here."
—Daniel to Cristina about the Prison and delivering the baby.

Daniel and Cristina don't interact much during Season 2. In Season 3, Daniel reassures Cristina that she'll be safe in the prison to have a baby. When Cristina dies, Daniel was too sad for Diana's death to even think on Cristina's death. He's later seen comforting Cassandra and Leandra for Cristina's death.


"I hated her for a really long time, before and after all this."
—Daniel to Mariana and Cristiana about Carina.

Rick and Carina didn't interact much. Daniel stated that he used to hate Carina before the apocalypse and that he still hated her after the apocalypse, the reason for this is unknown. Daniel, like many of the group members, had no respect for Carina until her death. Daniel is the one who ends with Carina's suffering when she's gutted by a walker who was attracted to the farm by Cassandra.

Ana MargaridaEditEdit

Daniel and Ana did not interact much in Season 1. At the beginning of Season 2, Ana went missing as she was being chased by two walkers in the woods. Daniel and Gonçalo told Ana to hide by the creek in order to draw the two walkers away from her, giving her a chance to make it back to the group on the highway. When Daniel and Gonçalo returned to the creek, Ana was gone. Daniel and the group then conducted a long, painful search for her.  In "Pretty Much Dead Already", after discovering a walker-filled barn on Hershel's farm, and Paquete opening the doors, the group proceed to massacre the undead family and friends of the Greene family. Then to everyone's horror, the last walker to emerge was Ana.  As Ana got closer and closer to the group Daniel was forced to step forward and shoot Ana in the head, killing her for good.


"He's a threat; we have to eliminate the threat."
—Daniel to the group about killing Randall.[src]

Randall was one of the members of Dave and Tony's group that attacked Kiko, Gonçalo, and Hershel in "Triggerfinger".  After learning of the dangerous nature of Randall's group, Daniel then felt like he had to kill Randall claiming he was a threat. Daniel almost executed Randall in "Judge, Jury, Executioner" but he's not able to do it. After Carina's death, Daniel wanted to grant her last wish and set Randall free but never got the chance due to Paquete killing him.


"Hey you, dumbass. You in the police station. Cozy in there?"
—Gonçalo to Daniel when he gets trapped in the police station.

Daniel respects Gonçalo. Gonçalo saved his life in Atlanta and took him to their camp where Daniel got reunited with his brother and friends. Even though they don't interact much, Gonçalo respects Daniel as their leader.


"If we see you out here, anywhere near our people - if I so much as catch a whiff of your scent, We will kill you!"
—Daniel to Tomas.

After discovering the prison survivors in a cafeteria, a conflict between the two groups immediately started. Daniel would not allow Tomas and his group to reclaim their cell block, due to it being occupied by his group. Daniel then told Tomas the prison belonged to him and his group, as they had taken out all the walkers occupying it. When the prisoners refused to leave, Daniel agreed that he and his group would help them clear out a new cell block to live in, but warned Tomas that if he and his came anywhere near his group, he would kill them. After witnessing Tomas brutally murder Big Tiny, Daniel realized he was dangerous. Tomas tried to kill Daniel in the prison's laundry room, prompting Daniel to drive a machete into his head. 


"I knew you before all of this happened, you were not like this."
—Rick to Marcelino after handcuffing him to a pipe.

Daniel and Marcelino used to be friends before the apocalypse, but he's behavior after the outbreak was alot different from who he used to be. He started taking drugs and drinking, thinking that he could do anything he wanted now that the world is over. In Season 3, Daniel accepts Marcelino in the group after they rescue him and Gonçalo from Woodbury. Daniel also refuses to hand Marcelino to The Governor.

John Miguel PicadoEditEdit

"I'm sorry."
—Daniel to Miguel when the Group leaves him behind.

Even though they don't interact much, Daniel tried to save Miguel's life after being bitten, even though he didn't thought he would survive. Daniel, like the rest of the group is devastated when Miguel asks to be left behind.


"She opted to stay, it wasn't our fault. "
—Rick to Mariana about Zita's decision to commit suicide.

Though Rick and Duane do not interact much, Daniel didn't agreed with Zita's choice to commit suicide.


"Hi! "
—Adriana greets Daniel in a flashback.

Daniel and Adriana have never interacted in the series, just in a flashback about Johanne's past, where she greets him and then they just go their own way. Daniel seems disturbed after knowing that his group killed Adriana when they went to rescue Gonçalo and Marcelino.

Beth GreeneEditEdit

Beth and Daniel seemed to have developped a friendship over the seasons. In Season 2, Daniel stays in the farm to take care of Beth. Daniel could not support letting Beth commit suicide and argued heatedly with Cassandra over this. Beth seems to have a lot of respect for Daniel, when he returns at the prison with Maggie, Beth sweetly hugs Daniel and gives him a kiss on the cheek to thank him for what he did for her sister, which makes Daniel clearly blush.


"I can't believe you're alive!"
—Daniel to Carla.

Carla was one of Daniel's former classmates and friend. Daniel used to have a small crush on her after he forgot Mariana. When they find eachother in Woodbury, they share a warm hug and she informs him that Johanne jumped the wall to get to the prison. Carla is among the other surviving Woodbury citizens brought to the prison by Daniel and the group.


"You did enough."
—Daniel to Alexis.

Even though Alexis and Daniel didn't interact much during the series, Daniel doesn't seem to like him. When the walkers invade the prison in "Killer Within", Alexis saves Daniel's life by shooting Andrew. After that, in "When the Dead Come Knocking", Daniel's relationship with Alexis worsens, when Alexis reveals that he left Caramelo and Maggie be abducted by Marcelino and taken to Woodbury.


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  • His signature weapon is the Glock 17, which has been seen in most of the TV Series episodes.
  • Daniel's best friends are Mariana, Cristiana, Diana and Inês.
  • Daniel used glasses before the apocalypse.
  • Only the death of Johanne has caused Daniel to cry in the TV series.
    • When Diana disappeared, it also caused Daniel to cry.
  • "Walk With Me" is the only episode in the TV Series in which Daniel does not appear at all. However, he was mentioned by Marcelino during a conversation with Johanne.
  • Daniel questioned his belief of God in the episode, "What Lies Ahead."
  • Daniel has caused the amputations of limbs of two characters: Marcelino (by handcuffing him to a rooftop in Atlanta and leaving him behind, forcing him to amputate his hand to escape) and Hershel (by chopping his leg off after being bitten by a walker to prevent infection).
  • Daniel has either been seen or mentioned in every episode of the TV Series to date.
    • Daniel currently has the most episode appearances in the series.
  • Daniel's personality is basically based on Rick.
  • Daniel has many diferences from his real Tv Series' counterpart.
    • Although Rick is seen as a leader since Season 1, Daniel is just considered a leader by the entire group during the time skip between Season 2 and Season 3.
    • Rick's signature weapon is the Colt Python, while Daniel's weapon of choice is a Glock 17 (Shane's weapon).
    • Daniel never wanted to be the leader of the Group, while Rick accepted this burden easily.
    • While Rick and Shane used to be best friends, Daniel and Paquete (Shane's counterpart) were enemies, even before the apocalypse.
    • People allways respected Rick since the beginning, while Daniel had to gain the respect of each member of the group throughout the seasons.
    • Rick wasn't able to kill Dale, while Daniel mercy killed Carina (making a part of Daryl's role).
    • When Beth got sick, instead of going to town to find Hershel, like Rick did, Daniel stays in the farmhouse to watch Beth (sort of making a part of Lori's role).
    • Rick was searching for his wife and child, while Daniel was searching for his brother and friends.
    • Daniel has never turned into a dictator, unlike Rick, and allways preferred a democracy.