Cover 1 Maggie
is the sixth episode of Season 3 of The Walking Dead.

Plot Synopsis

Johanne and The Governor get to talking and Johanne tells him that she belongs on the wall as a lookout. He allows it, and Johanne is seen talking to Natacha. They notice a walker and Natacha attempts to shoot it with a bow, missing twice. Johanne hops the wall, killing it with a knife. Natacha becomes irritated with Johanne, stating that people don't go over the wall. Johanne realizes that she enjoyed the arena fights from the previous night.

Caramelo, Alexis and Maggie have made their way to town. Maggie tells Caramelo that she hopes that he doesn't leave her again. Alexis searches the cars while Maggie and Caramelo search the shop for supplies, including a toy for the baby.  Marcelino then sneaks up, and Caramelo and Maggie raise their guns toward him. Marcelino recognizes Cramelo, since they used to be good friends, and they have a conversation about each other's survival. Marcelino asks about the rest of them and Caramelo reveals that they're alive, which causes Marcelino to want to return to their camp along with Maggie and Caramelo, but Caramelo refuses, causing a scuffle. In the ensuing confusion, Marcelino grabs Maggie, holds his gun to her head, and orders Glenn to come with him to Woodbury. Marcelino explains that Woodbury is a town nearby, with a large group of survivors living there. Alexis watches, inside one of the cars, horrified and too afraid to do anything.

Daniel, Bruno, and Inês are searching the lower levels of the prison. Eventually, the three come upon a walker. Daniel kills it, and Inês and him notice Diana's knife in the side of its throat. He tells the others to go back without him, saying that he'll join them later. Angered, he begins to stab the knife into the floor and wall. He slides down the wall and sits down. He notices a door budge and opens it, revealing a weakened, but alive, Diana inside. He carries her back to the others, with tears falling from his eyes.

Johanne and The Governor talk about Johanne's behavior on the wall. He tells her that she's no longer suitable for the wall. She admits that she enjoyed the fights and was angered that she enjoyed them. Soon after this, Marcelino returns with Caramelo and Maggie.

While walking outside, Sophia and Ruth spot Alexis returning, carrying a basket and a bag, being chased by a group of walkers.


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  • A.V. Club quipped, "[Just before Marcelino attacked] Maggie said it was a good day, the Walking Dead equivalent of saying “Bloody Mary” three times at a mirror."
  • This is the first episode of Season 3 where Johanne kills a walker.
  • This episode's cover features Maggie.