Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Age Presumably 16
Occupation Student
Relations Zita - mother (Deceased)

Ana - sister (Deceased)

Illyana - sister (Deceased)

First Appearence "Tell it to the Frogs"
Last Appearence "Wildfire"
Status Undead
Series lifespan "Tell it to the Frogs" to "Wildfire"
"Leave me here."
—Miguel to Ana and the group.

John Miguel Picado is a minor protagonist and survivor of the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead. He made his first appearance in "Tell it to the Frogs". During the initial outbreak, Picado was one of the several students who were abandoned by the military, who later formed a camp, along with the other surviving students. He's an overweight teenager.


Almost nothing is known about Miguel's life prior to the outbreak; he lived in a small town, near the city of Atlanta during his lifetime along with his family.

During the outbreak, Miguel was evacuated from the school by the military, along with many other students and also his sisters, Ana and Illyana, and his mother, ZIta. A heard makes the military abandon the students and Miguel and his family and friends survive, fleeing into the woods. They later form or join the camp.


Season 1Edit

"Tell it to the Frogs"Edit

Miguel appears fot the first time when Zita and the others return to the camp, he runs to her and embraces her with tears falling from his eyes.

He's later seen when Tiago, Paquete, and Kiko strip the Challenger down for parts.


Miguel is on the lake fishing with his older sister, and the two share their experiences fishing with their dad, sharing how he raised them differently according to their feelings and character. He and Illyana return to camp with a whole string of fish, but their excitement is interrupted as Sophia explains the situation with Tiago. He witnesses the confrontation of Tiago as he digs strange holes on the hillside.

Later, John Miguel is seen offering water to a tied up Tiago and asks him why he was digging.

During the preparations for the fish coockout,Miguel and Caramelo are seen freeing Tiago and inviting him to the fish fry. A sad Miguel is seen, listening to Zita's story about Miguel's father.

During the zombie attack, Miguel is bitten by one on the stomach while trying to get to the RV.

After the attack Ana and Miguel approach Zita, who had Illyana in her arms.


As Miguel helps in the clean-up of zombie corpses the morning after the attack, Carina notices blood on his shirt, and demands he lifts it up, but he rejects so she alerts the remaining survivors. Fábio restrains him, and Paquete lifts his shirt to reveal the bite wound he suffered during the attack on the camp. There is controversy over Miguel as the survivors discuss what to do. Paquete wants to kill him immediately, but is stopped by Daniel and Ana. Miguel is taken with the rest of the survivors in the RV. While on the road, he complains of his sickness and asks that he be left behind. He is left by a tree, after refusing to take a handgun from Gonçalo, and is bid farewell by each of the survivors as they leave.

His fate is left unknown, but presumably, he succumbed to the fever, reanimated, and is now a walker.

Season 2Edit

"Pretty Much Dead Already"Edit

Paquete mentions Tiago when he reminds Johanne of when Daniel made them leave camp and go on a suicide mission to save Marcelino. He reminds her that walkers attacked their camp and Tiago, Illyana and many others lost their lives. Paquete tells Johanne that it was all Daniel's fault.

Season 3Edit

"Walk With Me"Edit

Tiago is mentioned by Johanne when she was listing all of the people from the Atlanta Group that had died to Marcelino.


Killed ByEdit

  • Walkers

When the Atlanta camp was overrun with walkers, Miguel was bitten by one. Following the attack, the remaining survivors cleaned up the camp when Carina notices a bite mark on Miguel's chest. Finding out that he is becoming a walker, the group grant Miguel one final wish which was to leave him by a tree to become a walker.



When Miguel had been bitten and was keeping it hidden, Carina saw the blood and had Miguel lift his shirt. Miguel did this reluctantly but still did as Carina asked.


Zita and Miguel seemed to have a normal Son-Mother relationship. He showed concern for her when she comes back from Atlanta. Zita, still brokenhearted for the death of Illyana, got even worse when she discovered about the bite of her son. She didn't wanted to abandon Miguel, but she reluctantly granted his final wish. The death of Illyana and Miguel caused Zita to become suicidal, killing herself in the CDC.


Ana and Miguel seemed to care alot for each other. When Paquete wants kill Miguel for being bitten, Ana grabs a gun from Daniel's bag and points it at Paquete's head.

When Miguel is left under a tree, Ana kisses Miguel on his cheek and leaves.


Illyana and Miguel had a stable relationship. They were seen fishing together and cared for each other. In Illyana's moment of death, even though he had his own problem, Miguel shows alot of sorrow for his sister's death.

In the day after the death of Illyana, Miguel just pretends to be okay, so the others don't notice he's been bitten, not even talking with his mother.


TV SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Killed VictimsEdit

This list shows the victims Jim has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • Miguel is one of the few undead characters in the TV Series to never be put down.
  • It is unknown if Miguel's personality is based in every character from the real The Walking Dead, or if he's an original character.
    • He shared Jim's personality with Tiago, carrying on Jim's storyline after Tiago's death.
    • The writer confirmed that he wanted Miguel and his family to represent Morale's family, but he had to change their story and mix it with other characters, creating a completely different family. He mixed Eliza with Sophia (Ana), Louis, Jim and a bit of Andrea (Miguel), Miranda with Jacqui (Zita), and finally he decided to join another sister to the family (Illyana) who took the role of Amy. Miguel's father probably made the role of Morales.